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Granddaughter in Intensive Care

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grannyactivist Thu 01-Jul-21 02:29:11

We got a call from our daughter just before coming to bed to say our six year old granddaughter is in hospital, for the second time in three months. We were able to see and speak to our granddaughter and she was on oxygen and antibiotics then, but she was finding breathing difficult. I’ve now just had a text to say she’s been moved to Intensive Care (she’s in NZ).

She had double pneumonia and a collapsed lung last time and although she became really very poorly she didn’t deteriorate anything like as quickly as she has done today. She has a compromised immune system having been born extremely prematurely and I’m concerned that the struggle to breathe may affect her heart.

So please, if you’re a pray-er would you pray for her? ?? She needs all the help she can get.

sukie Thu 01-Jul-21 02:33:53

Praying for your granddaughter now grannyactivist.

grannyactivist Thu 01-Jul-21 02:47:23

Thank you Sukie.

rafichagran Thu 01-Jul-21 03:11:34

I have your Grandaughter in my thoughs.

grannyactivist Thu 01-Jul-21 03:12:27

Thank you rafichagran.

Dryginger Thu 01-Jul-21 05:14:58

I pray your GD makes a full recovery.

Katyj Thu 01-Jul-21 05:44:22

Bless her. She’s obviously a fighter. Praying for you all ❤️

mumofmadboys Thu 01-Jul-21 05:47:47

I am praying for your GD too granny. May today bring better news for you all.x

Lucca Thu 01-Jul-21 05:48:14

So sorry to hear that, and really hoping things improve quickly.

grandMattie Thu 01-Jul-21 05:59:42

Of course, we’ll pray for the child and her family. ?
Blessings to all.

BigBertha1 Thu 01-Jul-21 06:05:48

Thinking of you and your granddaughter.

V3ra Thu 01-Jul-21 06:09:10

Oh grannyactivist how worrying for you all.
Praying your granddaughter is better soon ?

BlueBelle Thu 01-Jul-21 06:13:49

Very sorry to hear this granny such a difficult time for you all especially being so far away Thinking of you and wishing your little granddaughter a speedy recovery, she sounds a fighter

Ashcombe Thu 01-Jul-21 06:27:04

Offering prayers for this precious little girl. ✝️, grannyactivist and her family, not forgetting the medics attending her.

tanith Thu 01-Jul-21 06:45:36

Sending all positive thoughts to your Granddaughter.

kittylester Thu 01-Jul-21 06:56:56

Just sending love, hugs and strength to all of you ga.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 01-Jul-21 07:02:11

I echo all the other wishes.

M0nica Thu 01-Jul-21 07:05:15

I hope and pray for a good recovery.

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Jul-21 07:05:23

Thoughts with all of the family, sending strength.

nanaK54 Thu 01-Jul-21 07:06:24

Sending kindest thoughts flowers

FannyCornforth Thu 01-Jul-21 07:08:53

You are in my thoughts and prayers ❤️

GranEd Thu 01-Jul-21 07:10:24

Sending love and prayers to you all.

Ellianne Thu 01-Jul-21 07:14:34

Every best wish for your granddaughter grannyactivist. flowers

Liz46 Thu 01-Jul-21 07:23:59

What an awful worry for you all. I hope she improves very soon.

Mollygo Thu 01-Jul-21 07:25:55

Praying for your granddaughter grannyactivist. Hope she’s improving.