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losing faith in a loving god

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red1 Fri 25-Feb-22 11:52:25

talking with a friend the other day about the ukraine situation,it led to, where is a loving god in these all to familiar situations? my knee jerk reaction was ' i think it is hiding behind the sofa' Omnipotent god- maybe, but a loving god? don't see a way around that one.My faith has been on the decline many years is this the final straw?

25Avalon Fri 25-Feb-22 11:57:23

We have free will so make our own decisions. A loving god can still provide help and solace through prayer.

rosie1959 Fri 25-Feb-22 11:58:43

I am agnostic but if there is a loving God he’s not the one shooting people and fighting that’s down to human choice

FannyCornforth Fri 25-Feb-22 11:59:43

I don’t think of God as a sort of puppet master.

BlueBelle Fri 25-Feb-22 12:06:05

I used to have faith, over the years it has receded and now I have no idea what I believe in My mum was a firm believer in afterLife my Dad thought the end was the end the older I get the more I think like Dad
I envy strong believers and wish I could find that faith I do try I really do but it just doesn’t make any difference

Kate1949 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:18:04

I find it incredible that anyone can believe in God. I was brought up as a staunch Catholic and had it drummed into me. When I was old enough to think for myself, I thought differently.
As someone whose life has been very difficult (I know people go through worse), one thing I've learned is that there is no one there.

Oldwoman70 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:20:48

My faith has become stronger as I get older. God is not a dictator, we have been given free will to follow Him or not. The evil is in people, when we weep God weeps with us.

Sago Fri 25-Feb-22 12:24:38

Kate1949 Like yourself I had an abusive upbringing and the doctrines of the Catholic Church played a large part in all of that.

My relationship with God is a bit on/off but please don’t think there is nobody there, there is.

Wether it’s a smile, a kind message or just feeling the warmth of the sun on a spring day there is love, hope and beauty all around us, it may be hard to see sometimes but it’s there..??

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:28:12

This isn’t the final life. The Bible talks about these things happening. ‘ wars and rumours of wars’. He’s given us choice. He doesn’t like it either, but if He just stepped in every time there was a crisis...we’d effectively have no need for Him, or desire to go to the next life. We wouldn’t know it was Him.

He wants us to want Him....and know Him.

Esspee Fri 25-Feb-22 12:28:30

Like Kate1949 I was brought up in the church (CoS) but as soon as I was old enough to think for myself I realised what a con the whole thing was.
I am fascinated by religion and even considered a masters in comparative religion. I observe them with equal wonder that so many have been controlled by so few and that so much harm has been caused in the process yet there are still “believers”.

Kate1949 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:29:41

Sago I know it's there and I appreciate what I have now and the beauty on earth. Sometimes it's hard to see when you are a bit broken, but I do see it. To me, that hasn't been made by God.

Grany Fri 25-Feb-22 12:30:06

What do you think of Otherworldly

Kali2 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:31:18

Never ever made sense to me since I was 5 years old.

Kate1949 Fri 25-Feb-22 12:33:28

My husband is also a non believer. However, like Esspee we are fascinated by religion and what makes people believe. We love visiting churches wherever we go.

Coastpath Fri 25-Feb-22 13:34:04

I've just walked home from visiting a church. In a little side chapel someone had placed a book and pen for people to write asking for prayers for a particular reason or to write a prayer for others. The Ukraine was mentioned many times and the outpouring of compassion, hope and love written by so many people reinforced my belief if not in God, then in the goodness and kindness within people.

Franbern Fri 25-Feb-22 14:05:20

I have absolutely no envy (rather feel a rather sorry for) of people who think there is some sort of powerful person (man) up there. With all the dreadful things that have always gone in the world, they then come up with the idea that it (he/she) has no sort of powerful control - so what in earth does it/he.she do??

I am also a little puzzled as to people's reaction about the war in Ukraine - yes it is dreadful, tragic for the Ukranians - BUT there are at least ten other war zones in our world at the current time - and as far as I know, there has never been a single day in my lifetime of over eighty years when there has not been a war going in some part of the world!!!

Cannot think what the world would be like if there was no such thing as this powerful being looking after us.

Must say, that along with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas I stopped believing in any sort of God when I became an adult.

red1 Fri 25-Feb-22 14:51:57

Im aware any view on religion brings many differences.I was raised a strict catholic, didn't take me long to question things,virgin birth,rising from the dead etc to exploring many faiths.I like the idea of a loving god but life doesn't reflect this.I read recently in hinduism there are 3 main gods,seems to make more sense to me , but it falls back on who made them, ad finitum. my search goes on.

Freya5 Fri 25-Feb-22 15:03:51

You can’t blame God for Ukraine. You can blame a mad man who had the choice to invade that country. He could have been reasonable and worked with leaders , but no, he sees himself as a modern Ghenkis Khan, or a god. What goes around comes around .

Judy54 Fri 25-Feb-22 15:04:10

Yes it is hard to keep faith in a loving God under such terrible circumstances. My faith has been tried many times but it has also sustained me through difficulties. I can think of nothing that I can personally do for the people of Ukraine except to pray and hope that God will hear me and the prayers of many others at this time.

Peasblossom Fri 25-Feb-22 15:05:05

That’s not really right redI. Like other religions Hinduism believes in one all encompassing creative form who holds the unity of the universe.

The gods and goddesses are manifestations of Brahman, the force. There can be many manifestations all throughout human history and beyond. Some of those are principle Gods and Goddesses, as you say..

Mapleleaf Fri 25-Feb-22 15:08:20

The actions taking place in Ukraine are the actions of human beings, not God.

paddyann54 Fri 25-Feb-22 15:08:26

The Bible is a book of myths and legends ..fairy tales.Written to keep the masses in check .Heaven if they behaved themselves ,Hell if they didn't ,its very sad that so many intelligent people are still holding onto it as a way to run their lives.Religion has been the cause of more wars and trouble /terrorism etc than any other single thing.

silverlining48 Fri 25-Feb-22 15:16:42

I do not believe in god either, but am interested in different religions and enjoy the quiet of an old church or cemetery. In fact was sat enjoying the peace of a country churchyard earlier today. Always relaxing.

Peasblossom Fri 25-Feb-22 15:17:26

Well now, I was thinking about this on the way home from town. I don’t think it is religion that is the cause of wars and troubles. I think it is idealism, of which religion is part but not the whole. Political and Social idealism have also caused wars.

Beware the person who thinks they can make the world a better place by changing mankind.

AGAA4 Fri 25-Feb-22 15:18:25

As a child I believed that Jesus was looking after me. As an adult I believe that God is a comfort to some people. I wish I could feel that way now.