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Automatic and mirror writing

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giulia Wed 13-Jul-22 07:48:10

I have the gift of automatic writing/mirror writing but refuse to use it (had a bad scare using it with a group of friends over forty years ago and have not tried it since).

Is there anyone else here like me?

Georgesgran Wed 13-Jul-22 09:13:19

My DDs can both do this - they say it’s something connected to their dyslexia. Never heard of it being sinister.

Sago Wed 13-Jul-22 10:47:30

Please explain, this is new to me.

henetha Wed 13-Jul-22 10:49:50

I've heard of it but don't know any details. I'd like to hear more about it.

Shelflife Wed 13-Jul-22 10:50:15

Yes explanation please , have heard about automatic writing and mirror writing but have no idea of what it's all about !

Gongoozler Wed 13-Jul-22 10:52:46

Yes please explain. Sounds fascinating!

GagaJo Wed 13-Jul-22 10:57:06

My DD used to accidentally do mirror writing, she's also dyslexic. It stopped as she got older.

giulia Wed 13-Jul-22 20:19:23

It's like using the ouija board but the "medium" holds a pen or pencil over a sheet of paper. Those present ask a question, energy comes down the arm to the hand and writing begins. The pen never leaves the paper so, in my personal experience, the writing continued at page edge by proceeding from right to left backwards (as in a mirror). Reaching the lefthand side of the page, the pen reverts to writing normally again. The sentences form a zigzag. The "medium" should be blindfolded and those present be ready with new sheets of paper with which to replace the written pages.

The arm never aches and the person holding the pen is only aware that the hand is moving but no other physical sensation.

The last time I did this, we forgot to "close" the seance and for two nights afterwards were all woken up during the night with lights going on and off, mattresses tipping, tapping sounds on metal bed base - always in threes. We were young and stupid. It is not good to play around with what is beyond our understanding.

What was intriguing is that we were a small group of young people whose only connection was that we were all staying in the same guesthouse in a foreign city. We were from U.S., Australia, England and Holland, had been in the city for only a few days and knew virtually nothing about each other.

The message we received urged us to go to an ancient building in the same street as our guesthouse, the existence of which we were all totally unaware at the time. I will not go into other details of the message. There was nothing threatening in it but we were wrong to interrupt the "seance" abruptly.

Mine Wed 13-Jul-22 22:33:23

Sounds a bit spooky

henetha Fri 15-Jul-22 11:27:17

I'd be too scared to try this, even though I'm intrigued.

MawtheMerrier Fri 15-Jul-22 12:05:57

Sorry Giulia but I find this totally incredible.

MawtheMerrier Fri 15-Jul-22 12:06:31

Not doubting your sincerity, but the “supernatural” element.

giulia Sat 16-Jul-22 06:01:34

MawtheMerrier That's exactly why I've never practised it since.

I got back in touch with one of the other participants about thirty years later and the very first thing she said to me was "Do you remember our seance? Nobody believes me when I tell them!"