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Wild life at Royal Sandringham .

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Caleo Fri 15-Jul-22 12:08:14

Shouldn't the Queen and her family obey the same laws as everyone else?

Protection of rare species is there for a moral purpose.

Callistemon21 Fri 15-Jul-22 12:36:20

Any more information?

Apart from this which I found:

Fri 15 Jul 2022 08.00 BST
On a pleasant autumn evening in 2007, a wildlife warden at the Dersingham Bog nature reserve in Norfolk took a friend to see two female hen harriers returning home to roost. But as dusk descended, they were startled by the sound of shotgun blasts.

After the first shot, they saw one of the rare birds of prey “immediately fold and drop out of sight”. About 30 seconds later they heard a second blast – and another harrier fell from the sky.

The shots appeared to have come from inside Sandringham, the Queen’s rural retreat bordering the reserve – where Prince Harry, then aged 23, and a close friend were out shooting ducks that evening.

Perhaps it hasn't been well publicised, but Prince Harry is now a very responsible married father of two who resides in America and gives talks on the environment.

Caleo Fri 15-Jul-22 12:43:42

Thank you Callistemon for the good news. Maybe the alleged bad behaviour at Sandringham is down to naughty youths , and the management lacking control of their gamekeepers' behaviour.

Caleo Fri 15-Jul-22 12:44:59

volver Fri 15-Jul-22 12:47:49

In answer to Caleo's queston - Yes. Nice try Callistemon to blame it all on PH.

I'm more worried about this:

A Guardian investigation has revealed that dozens of UK laws stipulate that police are barred from entering any of the Queen’s private estates without her consent to investigate crimes ranging from wildlife offences to environmental pollution – a unique privilege not granted to any other private landowner in the UK.

Gillycats Fri 15-Jul-22 12:50:20

They most certainly should. I am a Royalist but their hunting and shooting lets them down. That seemingly the law has been broken on their land on many occasions and no action happened is a disgrace. Charles seems so pro nature yet the complete disregard for wildlife really is astonishing. Thank you Caleo for bringing this up, I hadn’t seen the article. Glad I have now, it needs publicising.

merlotgran Fri 15-Jul-22 13:27:47

I don’t believe for one moment that members of the RF still hunt.

Shooting is a different matter.

Caleo Fri 15-Jul-22 17:58:24

Gilycats, I am the same and have loved the Queen for her stability and stamina, ever since she was one the two little princesses. I am really disappointed.
I imagine the Queen has had to delegate the overseeing of her estates to managers, however inefficient they may be, but I am really surprised at Prince Charles for not taking a stand against recreational killing.