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Modern Spiritual songs.

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nadateturbe Sun 11-Sep-22 19:53:00

I wonder is anyone interested in sharing modern favourites.
There are some lovely ones.

He Will Hold Me Fast

Juno56 Mon 12-Sep-22 09:21:58

In Christ Alone

nadateturbe Mon 12-Sep-22 09:44:18

Thanks, Juno.
A great version of another favourite by Keith Getty.
Such beautiful words.

Juno56 Mon 12-Sep-22 10:23:13

Another favourite -
Be The Moon

paddyann54 Mon 12-Sep-22 10:57:09
The brilliant Eric Bibb,he does a lot of modern gospel songs ,this is a more upbeat one which his audiences love

Judy54 Mon 12-Sep-22 13:55:16

I agree paddyann54 Eric Bibb is brilliant we have been lucky enough to see him in concert a few times. Yes Juno56 In Christ alone is a wonderful hymn which I very much enjoy listening to. One of the best versions is by Celtic Worship.

Mollygo Mon 12-Sep-22 14:06:29

Like a Candle Flame

Shine Jesus Shine

Two favourites by Graham Kendrick

paddyann54 Mon 12-Sep-22 15:04:51

Judy54 we've seen him live 24 times in Scotland and The Republic of Ireland ,every single time was brilliant .

paddyann54 Mon 12-Sep-22 15:08:56

Needed Time

nadateturbe Mon 12-Sep-22 15:58:25

Be The moon. Lovely.

Something to aim for.

nadateturbe Mon 12-Sep-22 16:25:03

I've never heard of Eric Bibb. Needed Time brought tears to my eyes.

Like A Candle Flame, .very peaceful, lovely.
Shine Jesus Shine is a favourite.

Thanks for posting everyone.

nadateturbe Mon 12-Sep-22 16:29:18

Another new favourite

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

nadateturbe Sat 08-Oct-22 21:07:33

This one is called Wonderful Merciful Saviour. It's lovely.
This is a clip from a church service I watch online.

Wyllow3 Sat 08-Oct-22 21:27:54

I'm looking at the broader spiritual here

Have you watched/listened to the Colour Music Children’s Choir?
You Raise me Up

I like this Shaker song, modern version
Tis a gift to be simple

Wyllow3 Sat 08-Oct-22 21:33:37

I find this one of the most spiritual songs I’ve heard. It’s Jon Henrik - Daniel's jojk, a song mourning and celebrating the life of a dear friend from the Sami culture.

Cabbie21 Sun 09-Oct-22 09:34:01

Just heard this one on Aled Jones’ programme on Classic Fm: O be joyful, by Richard Harvey. Sung by Latvian choristers. Beautiful.

nadateturbe Sun 09-Oct-22 18:01:43

I'm looking at the broader spiritual here
Nice versions Wyllow.
The third one is very unusual.

Cabbie I listened to another rendition as I couldn't find the Latvian one. Beautiful indeed

grannyactivist Sun 09-Oct-22 18:18:59

Anything by The Porter’s Gate (collective project), but especially this one: Nothing to Fear

SachaMac Sun 09-Oct-22 18:36:33

I like ‘Blinded by your Grace’ by Stormzy

Philippa111 Sun 09-Oct-22 18:44:13

Mercedes Bahleda

She sings beautiful spiritual songs from several traditions. Buddhist, Hindu, Christian etc

nadateturbe Tue 11-Oct-22 21:28:31

Lovely. Very reassuring.

nadateturbe Tue 11-Oct-22 21:41:40

I listened to Stormsy ( now I know who he is!).
Great song. I listened to Katherine Jenkins singing it too. Nice.

nadateturbe Tue 11-Oct-22 22:32:20

Phillipa111 I found Mercedes Bahleda on YouTube. I listened to two tracks. White Tara and this one.
which I loved. I had never heard of her. Thank you.

And thank you to everyone who has posted and introduced me to new spiritual songs.