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Relaxation habit which I recommend!

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Elizabeth7 Wed 02-Nov-22 09:04:54

Hi I am new to Gransnet,

apologies if I am repeating a previous topic. I have found the last few years very difficult and I am sure others have too. One habit I have found helps me relax is to colour in the Inspire book, while listening to music. I have the large print copy and it has the NLT translation of the Bible. There are wide margins and black line drawings to colour in. I use Creativepeak ink pens and each book of the Bible has a heading to colour. There are other illustrations too. My Bible reading group liked this idea and I have bought them a copy so that they can do this too. Best wishes Jenny Elizabeth

NotSpaghetti Sun 04-Dec-22 00:58:07

Welcome Jenny Elizabeth

choosingjoy Sun 04-Dec-22 01:10:54

Welcome! smile I love your relaxation habit and that you share the good!

Stormystar Wed 07-Dec-22 18:31:18

So glad you’ve found and shared your way of relaxing Elizabeth 7, methods of Soothing the mind and body, bringing you back home into your wise Heart Space, beyond the craziness of the world are soo needed.