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Carols from Kings

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BigBertha1 Sat 24-Dec-22 22:09:50

Although the music was sublime as usual it didn't seem to be the same service of 9 lessons or is it me.

JackyB Sun 25-Dec-22 07:34:28

The carols were all very modern. I prefer a jolly singalong. But the quality of the singing was wonderful.

Mamie Sun 25-Dec-22 11:02:30

I loved the Vaughan Williams at the end, but was frustrated by the lack of captions to tell you what they were playing and singing. Yes, it felt different.

nanna8 Sun 25-Dec-22 11:07:52

For once my little Pressie church had all old carols which we sung loudly and lustily. Beautiful. Usually they have a lot of modern hymns which don’t really do it for me, though the words are always good. Those old hymns don’t need modernising as far as I’m concerned.

Grandma70s Sun 25-Dec-22 11:11:59

The Vaughan Williams was the very first thing I sang with a proper choir, in my first year at university.

The carols didn’t seem modern to me, but I can’t remember what they were now.