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DollyD Sat 16-Sep-23 16:37:11

Someone close has recently died and it has brought my religious/spiritual beliefs to the forefront in my mind.
I am Christian, although more in a personal way, I haven’t been to church for years but I do believe in God, Jesus and heaven.
Til we meet again, is constantly in my mind and I really do believe we will but I am surrounded by family who do not believe in God, yet are now saying the same thing and are feeling the deceased around them.
I’ve just ignored this, as I’m sure it’s comforting to them but I truly believe in everlasting life and I’m confused by them saying this and I’m thinking is it something you just “say” for comfort, or is it really true.
What are your thoughts on seeing people again and everlasting life.

nanna8 Tue 19-Sep-23 11:57:02

I think when I die I will see God and be reunited with other believers. What form this will be I have no idea but it worries me that unbelievers will not receive eternal life because many of my family do not believe. I will always,always be grateful that I was given faith. I spent most of my life without it and nothing I did earned it.

Zuzu Tue 19-Sep-23 12:10:30

Some 20+ years ago, my 29-year marriage fell to rubble bc of my ex's abuse (towards myself and my 2 children) and infidelity. I was brought up Christian but those at my church failed us with judgements (divorced people go to hell, etc) and abandonment (shunning). I somehow knew their behavior was BS, not God's desire. I began reading all I could find that would tell me more about God, not His misguided self-professed followers. Reading Mathew Henry's Commentary alongside my Bible was helpful. His commentary was not denomination based, just what he felt God was revealing to him. CS Lewis's Mere Christianity was another I learned from. And then there was this little book a father had written about his young son's experience... Heaven is for Real. Matthew Henry is deep, CSLewis easier to understand. Heaven is for Real easiest of all, but all were enlightening. I was hurting and the church failed me. I didn't want to blame God for man's stupidity. These amongst others offered great insight.

inishowen Tue 19-Sep-23 12:11:44

A question I've always had is this. My mum lost her fiance during the war. Much later on she met my dad. She loved both men dearly. If she is in heaven now which man is she to be reunited with?

sazz1 Tue 19-Sep-23 12:12:26

My sister 'died' 4 times a few years ago with multiple heart attacks. Several minutes with no heart beat in intensive care. She recovered and I asked her if she saw or heard anything. She didn't and was quite disappointed about it. No voices, bright lights tunnels, people, absolutely nothing.
I do have an open mind about an afterlife as I sometimes talk to my late mum. But whether she can hear me or not I don't know.

MargaretinNorthant Tue 19-Sep-23 12:17:06

I once asked my non-going to church husband this very same question. He stood for a moment and looked at me and then said "well something happened back then didn't it". Make of that what you will.

knspol Tue 19-Sep-23 12:21:15

I've never believed in life after death but now that my DH has passed away I occasionally hope that such a thing does exist so we might be reunited.

Fleurpepper Tue 19-Sep-23 12:28:01


I once asked my non-going to church husband this very same question. He stood for a moment and looked at me and then said "well something happened back then didn't it". Make of that what you will.

Well yes, something did happen. But does he believe it was led by God? I certainly don't. One life, live it to the full, be kind and supportive - then go on your way.

biglouis Tue 19-Sep-23 12:28:42

I have always been fascinated by what other people believe and why they believe it. I dont share their beliefs. Sometimes I wish I did, but there it is. I do believe in a divine plan or a supreme being of some kind but I do not believe there is anyone/thing watching out for us as individuals. You cannot make yourself believe.

Nanatoone Tue 19-Sep-23 12:37:12

I was brought up a Christian and although I only go to church for the usual reasons these days, I do enjoy the experience. I can’t say I have a particular belief in a god, but I do believe in something after death. I hold on to this since my husband passed away and feel comforted by the thought that we will be together again. My feelings is that if there is an afterlife it will be joyous and if there isn’t I won’t know anyway.

Sawsage2 Tue 19-Sep-23 12:43:52

I've had strange things happen to me. I believe in God and read the Bible. I'm disabled and find comfort in it.

harrigran Tue 19-Sep-23 12:51:51

Death is final, end of.
All that remains is the memory of the departed person.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 19-Sep-23 13:04:57

You can’t know that, harrigran. You can only believe it to be the case. It’s just your opinion.

Kate1949 Tue 19-Sep-23 13:06:34

I agree with you harrigran. I had religion drummed into me as a Catholic child. When I began to think for myself my beliefs changed. I understand that some people get comfort from it however.

CrazyGrandma2 Tue 19-Sep-23 13:21:54


I could be very blunt, but I’ll just say I agree with BlueBelle
We are born, we live, we die - end of.

Totally agree.

Greenfinch Tue 19-Sep-23 13:23:37

I do believe in some form of everlasting life but remain agnostic about the form it will take. Can a caterpillar understand what life as a butterfly will be like and does the unborn child have any conception of what life outside the womb will be like? Those are the analogies I find helpful. It exists but is beyond my comprehension.

jocork Tue 19-Sep-23 14:09:12


A question I've always had is this. My mum lost her fiance during the war. Much later on she met my dad. She loved both men dearly. If she is in heaven now which man is she to be reunited with?

The bible says that there is no marriage in heaven. Interestingly Mormons believe that there is marriage in heaven. Because they also believe in polygamy, but only for men, when men are widowed they can remarry. while women who are widowed can't! If it wasn't for this country's laws many would have more than one wife as many do in the USA!

polly123 Tue 19-Sep-23 14:12:18

I believe that there is so much that we don't understand and that faith is a gift. So is free will so that we can act according to our consciences.

susz Tue 19-Sep-23 14:13:14

I don't believe in God as such, with so many religions how can there be one God - or is it the same one with different names?? Whatever you do or don't believe in, just live the best life you can, be good to yourself, others and the environment and you will be remembered by generations to come for your actions - sort of everlasting life.

nanaglee Tue 19-Sep-23 15:06:07

I don't believe in God, but I do believe in the spirit world. I don't know what form it will take, but when we die our energy (soul?) leaves our body. "The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another." Therefore our energy must be floating around somewhere and can possibly be converted into the spirits that sometimes find a way to communicate or be the "presence" of loved ones passed that we sometimes feel.

Eirlys Tue 19-Sep-23 15:06:58

I have always believed that we are all in some way "connected" ; that there is a general Force in the Universe. I am a Christian but don't go to Church. I read my Bible , the sections I like, and I do say my prayers. My husband, a scientist, did not believe and I used to say I would have to "talk fast" to get him into Heaven. When I had a near-death experience I saw my parents and didn't want to return. I was euphoric for weeks after this experience and went through a complicated operation with no absolutely no fear. My husband pointed out that the euphoric experience was caused by chemicals etc in the brain. I found my belief comforting and still do.

orly Tue 19-Sep-23 15:24:00



I could be very blunt, but I’ll just say I agree with BlueBelle
We are born, we live, we die - end of.


,,,that's what you believe and that's OK but where is your proof? Those that do believe in Heaven and God and the afterlife etc don't need proof as that is what Faith is all about - they don't need evidence and their faith gives them comfort - that's all they need so where's the harm in that? Why do others ridicule them?

nadateturbe Tue 19-Sep-23 15:25:04

I believe in God. I do not understand the Bible completely or everything that happens, why we suffer, but I can wait for the answers. As someone upthread said, there is so little we know. I find it much easier to believe in God than not to. Things have happened which I clearly see his hand in. I believe he is with me, and leads me (when I allow him) and that I will be with him forever some day. I have absolutely no idea what form that will take.

Milliedog Tue 19-Sep-23 15:45:59

I'm from a home where my parents had no belief at all, but I became a Christian in my mid teens. One of the loveliest verses in the bible is John chapter 3 verse 16....'For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.' I know that I will see so many of my dear friends and relatives after I die because they loved Jesus in this life.

Nellietheelephant Tue 19-Sep-23 15:57:23

I am an agnostic. I feel we all are, to some extent, as we cannot actually KNOW whether there is an after-life, JC was the Son of God, etc. etc. Also, surely it is purely an accident of birth that some people are born in this country to Christian parents, and therefore follow that faith. If you were born to Hindus, say, in India, would you then have such a strong Christian adherence? I doubt it! All these rational thoughts prevent me from believing, but wouldn't dream of trying to persuade others. It must be a great comfort.

Mojack26 Tue 19-Sep-23 16:05:04

I agree with you,otherwise what is the point? I have to believe I'll see my mum,dad,gran,papa again and my dog Max. I always have believed but my daughters?? My grandaughter not even been baptised...I admire my daughter's principles. Both my daughters baptised and both attended Sunday School till secondary school.