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Everlasting Life

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DollyD Sat 16-Sep-23 16:37:11

Someone close has recently died and it has brought my religious/spiritual beliefs to the forefront in my mind.
I am Christian, although more in a personal way, I haven’t been to church for years but I do believe in God, Jesus and heaven.
Til we meet again, is constantly in my mind and I really do believe we will but I am surrounded by family who do not believe in God, yet are now saying the same thing and are feeling the deceased around them.
I’ve just ignored this, as I’m sure it’s comforting to them but I truly believe in everlasting life and I’m confused by them saying this and I’m thinking is it something you just “say” for comfort, or is it really true.
What are your thoughts on seeing people again and everlasting life.

fancythat Sat 16-Sep-23 18:27:35

I believe what you believe.

Some people do say things for comfort.
I couldnt say whether your family are doing that or not.

Perhaps it is time to revisit church and see how you feel?

BlueBelle Sat 16-Sep-23 19:01:11

I wish I thought I would see my family again in some kind of after life unfortunately I don’t believe there is anything after this life
What a comfort it must be to think there is

Calendargirl Sat 16-Sep-23 19:08:03

I hope that somehow we shall see our loved ones again after death.

Don’t know how, physically impossible as we once all were in life, but maybe our souls will connect and reunite.

Heaven must be a wonderful place.

Georgesgran Sat 16-Sep-23 19:11:27

I could be very blunt, but I’ll just say I agree with BlueBelle
We are born, we live, we die - end of.

winterwhite Sat 16-Sep-23 21:27:20

In principle I agree with Bluebelle. But that doesn’t quite explain the vibes - I suppose the best word - that can literally hang around after a person has died,

Fleurpepper Sat 16-Sep-23 21:29:18


I could be very blunt, but I’ll just say I agree with BlueBelle
We are born, we live, we die - end of.


Mancjules Sat 16-Sep-23 21:33:34

I believe the "vibe" we feel is the love and understanding we have for the person gone. It can last for a lifetime.

Cabbie21 Sat 16-Sep-23 22:36:08

I definitely believe in everlasting life, though I cannot understand what form it will take. On my parents’ gravestone is the phrase ‘ Forever with the Lord’. That is the main point.

henetha Sat 16-Sep-23 23:25:20

I agree with , - we are born, we live, we die....and yet sometimes I feel there is more than we know. How comforting it must be to have true faith.

paddyann54 Sat 16-Sep-23 23:32:39

I dont believe in a life after death ,I think its something religions used as a control mechanism.The be good and do as we tell you and you'll have a lovely life in heaven with all your loved ones....dont obey and you'll burn in hell! That always irritated me and the fact that seemingly intelligent family believed it I found hard to accept .
I suppose its ingrained in people from a young age ,I dont have a problem with them believeing ,I do have a problem when they try to change my mind about it.
Make the best of your relationships while you can ,its all you have and you're a long time dead.My BIL is on end of life care now ,family are coming out of the woodwork that he hasn't seen for years ,I can never figure out why if they cared they cant even pick up a phone.My late mother always said if you want to bring me flowers do it while I can appreciate it not to leave on a grave to wither and die unseen by me

Huia Sat 16-Sep-23 23:56:17

I was indoctrinated by the Catholic Church as a boarder at a convent from the age of 7 to 17. I had thrown out all those doctrines and decided we are no different from any other mammal and anything more was just wishful thinking. But now I’m not so sure after reading Penny Sartori’s book “The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences”. Because she is a nurse and British her book seems very compelling.
Maybe read it and see what you think?

Chestnut Sat 16-Sep-23 23:58:23

I agree with what you say DollyD and I know that I'll meet up again with my loved ones. I have had several things happen which show they are looking after me and guiding me, and when anything like that happens it just gives me the feeling they are there.

Chestnut Sun 17-Sep-23 00:16:26

Just to add that I was listening to an astrophysicist called Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining that the entire sum of human knowledge is only 4% of the total knowledge of the universe. So there is 96% that we know absolutely nothing about. Don't ask me how they work that out but it is a genuine scientific calculation. So amongst that 96% of unknown knowledge I'm sure you will find an explanation of the spirit world. Unfortunately our tiny human brains cannot understand it until after we die. Then we can enter that other spiritual dimension, which is part of the 96% of mysterious unknown knowledge that the human race has yet to fathom.

maddyone Sun 17-Sep-23 00:17:34

don’t obey and you’ll burn in hell

Well I don’t believe this for a second.
But I believe Jesus Christ lived on earth as a true example to each and every one of us of how to live, how to treat other people, and how to be as good a person as we can. And that makes me a Christian. I go to church irregularly but I do go sometimes. I believe we need to reflect on our behaviours and set a little time aside to consider how we might be better people.

Do I believe in life after death? I’m unsure. But I remember those I’ve loved who have now died, and I miss them. I think we should remember and respect. How we do that is entirely up to each one of us, but if it entails leaving flowers on a grave, so be it.
Sadly I haven’t got any grave to leave flowers on for my loved ones. I remember them in other ways though.

Judy54 Sun 17-Sep-23 14:28:23

Yes as a Christian I believe in everlasting life. What form it will take I don't know but it comforts me to think that we may be reunited with our loved ones. Right now there are many happy memories and things to recall about them which helps me.

Scribbles Sun 17-Sep-23 14:39:47

What paddyann said.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 17-Sep-23 14:58:24

I too believe in life after death and that I will meet again those who have gone before.

Skye17 Sun 17-Sep-23 16:58:52

I also believe in life after death. I came to believe the Bible as an adult and I have accepted its teaching ever since.

I am much looking forward to seeing my best friend again.

Amalegra Tue 19-Sep-23 11:45:37

I think our souls reconnect in the afterlife. I’m not sure how, but perhaps that is beyond our understanding and is meant to be. I don’t think we have the same relationships as when physically live but souls ‘know each other’- those they have loved. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and will keep the promises He made. Not a regular church goer as I find many churches are often social gatherings these days rather than places of real spiritual fulfilment. I read my Bible and take much of my guidance from Jesus- although, sadly, I very often fall far short of this ideal.

grandMattie Tue 19-Sep-23 11:46:23

I believe absolutely in God, the afterlife, etc. It could be a load of tosh, but no one can prove otherwise. It gives me great comfort to believe that I shall be reunited with DH and my darling DS2.
What I object to, are people who laugh at me for my belief.

2020convert Tue 19-Sep-23 11:50:11

Hmm … I’ve always wondered about everlasting life and the widowed, who have remarried

Dee1012 Tue 19-Sep-23 11:50:54

I'm actually very envious of those with faith...I have none.

There are people that I really hope that I could see / be with again but sadly I don't think that I will.

Fleurpepper Tue 19-Sep-23 11:52:10

100 is hardly everlasting, however. Very common in my family for people to live to 100- and why not. It is not about quantity, but quality. Why not if I am healtthy, have good quality of life, able to not be totally dependent on others and fully compos mentis.

missdeke Tue 19-Sep-23 11:56:34

I don't know if there is everlasting life, but I certainly don't believe in God in the way it's portrayed in rligion. I believe we come from the earth and if we should worship anything, then we should worship our planet and treat it right.