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A Space Oddity

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Tegan Mon 13-May-13 13:18:01

^...a really odd space oddity [for fans of Miranda]...

Tegan Mon 13-May-13 13:17:20

tanith Mon 13-May-13 09:16:12

How beautiful the earth looks.. love the whole thing..

bookdreamer Mon 13-May-13 09:09:12

Wonderful indeed. Very moving as well.

ninathenana Mon 13-May-13 09:04:37

Just seen this on BBC breakfast. I love the song too.

Notso Mon 13-May-13 08:25:59

How wonderful, big lump in throat smile

Nonu Mon 13-May-13 08:23:41

bags , that was fabulous, thanks, I have always liked that song , and he had rather a good voice as well.

They were such brave people to go up into space .


Butty Mon 13-May-13 07:43:11

Ah - I see you have the link here. Yes, it is wonderful! smile Sent the link to my sons.

Bags Mon 13-May-13 06:04:43

by Chris Hadfield. Wonderful.