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Eclipse glasses at the ready..........

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baubles Thu 19-Mar-15 08:40:51

but the weather forecast isn't looking good. The aurora was a wash out the other evening, I'll be sooo disappointed if the same thing happens tomorrow.

Jane10 Thu 19-Mar-15 10:33:04

I remember the last total eclipse. We had an eclipse party where I worked. Everything went a bit grey and was noticeably cold. I didn't have eclipse glass baubles. People seemed to make sort of pinhole things. I'd love to have seen the Aurora Borealis but no luck here. Too cloudy. Maybe tonight?

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 19-Mar-15 10:39:24

My Gs's primary school will be watching it on the Internet. Can't even manage the pinhole thing. hmm

gillybob Thu 19-Mar-15 10:42:26

Can't get those Eclipse glasses for love nor money !

I do however have a secret weapon at the ready.

will look a picture standing in the front street complete with full face welding mask

vampirequeen Thu 19-Mar-15 10:45:56

Make sure the welding mask has at least shade 14 glass or the light will still be too strong for your eyes.

I refuse to pay £12 for a pair of card and plastic glasses.

Today a lady on the TV showed how to use a colander as a pin hole camera so that's what I'm going to use tomorrow.

Our weather forecast is good so fingers crossed.

gillybob Thu 19-Mar-15 10:50:10

Oh thank you vamps I will check the grade. But quite fancy the idea of the colander more now. The sillier the better. That's my motto. grin

look out for silly old (and some not so old) ladies sporting colanders

shysal Thu 19-Mar-15 11:41:53

A tip for safe eclipse viewing :
Fill a black bucket (or one lined with bin bag) with water and position to reflect the sun. As long as you don't cause ripples it works well.

I am told that some people will use their mobile phones pointing behind, but as the rays can damage cameras I would proceed with caution.

I bought glasses from Ebay several weeks ago, for myself and GCs.

gillybob Thu 19-Mar-15 12:25:04

It does shysal I agree but my DGC will be at school at the time of the main event, so no chance to see it anyway. sad

joannapiano Thu 19-Mar-15 12:38:34

The whole of DGC's village school are going out onto their field to watch.
Eclipse glasses have been obtained for all 100 of them.

Galen Thu 19-Mar-15 12:54:31

I bought glasses from amazon. I heard in the past that pinholes were dangerous.
I saw the last one at the northern boundary of totality, moored just off the southern coast of Aldereney! It all went totally black and everyone put on their mast lights! It was really quite magical.

annodomini Thu 19-Mar-15 13:09:07

Pinholes would probably be dangerous if you looked through them, but I seem to remember using the pin hole to project the image of the sun onto a sheet of white paper which I can't imagine would be in any way dangerous.

gillybob Thu 19-Mar-15 13:17:39

Your DGC are very lucky indeed joannapiano no chance of my DGC's school even dreaming of doing such a thing. sad

Elegran Thu 19-Mar-15 13:36:32

Oh, yes! You use the pinhole to project the image onto a sheet of paper - not into your eye!! I do hope all the newspapers recommending pinholes are emphasising that.

MrsJamJam Thu 19-Mar-15 15:23:04

I like the idea of the black bucket, but we are taking the dog for a 9.30 appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon (long story) which is an hour's drive away, so I think we will be in the car for the entire thing.

Glad I saw the last big one about 10 years ago.

hildajenniJ Thu 19-Mar-15 15:45:20

I am using a black bucket, I have one ready and eating. It just needs water. We are having a gorgeous day today so I am not expecting much for tomorrow. We never seem to get two days the same in Northumberland.

hildajenniJ Thu 19-Mar-15 15:46:08

I typed WAITING honest! Silly hudl.

rosequartz Thu 19-Mar-15 19:35:21

Thanks for the bucket and bin liner tip.

Compared to the eclipse mania last time these has been distinctly low-key so far; no eclipse glasses at all in our town.

(now to find a black bin liner, ours are grey these days!)

rosequartz Thu 19-Mar-15 19:35:49

this not these blush

Flowerofthewest Thu 19-Mar-15 19:38:12

DH and I sat in bed this morning gazing out of the window and waiting for the eclipse, yes, this morning. I even posted on FB what had happened to it. While in the car a little later I asked DH what day it was. Thursday he replied. We had both thought it was Friday. Oh well, senior moments x 2

baubles Thu 19-Mar-15 20:55:01

[Flower] grin grin

Groundhog Day tomorrow then.

soontobe Fri 20-Mar-15 07:42:34

I am feeling quite concerned that people will damage their eyesight today. Which is spoiling the event for me.

Anne58 Fri 20-Mar-15 07:55:43

It'a bit foggy/misty here at present. Can't decide if the bucket thing will work.

hildajenniJ Fri 20-Mar-15 07:59:40

My DH works evenings in our local Co-op. Just before closing last night he had customers in asking for eclipse glasses!!! They did not have any. hmm

baubles Fri 20-Mar-15 08:01:45

Overcast here {{sigh}}

I live in hope of the sun peeping through though.

ffinnochio Fri 20-Mar-15 08:10:08

Misty here and don't think it'll burn off. Ah well smile

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