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Northern Lights tonight

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Tegan Fri 17-Apr-15 21:52:02

Just had a phone call to say the S.O. can see the Northen Lights in the sky above Lindisfarne so anyone oop north might want to have a look out of their window and see if they can see them too. Unfortunately I'm not there sad.

Galen Fri 17-Apr-15 22:08:09

Nor hereenvy

glassortwo Fri 17-Apr-15 22:10:16

tegan if you are on Facebook, go onto Hidden Northumberland some of the photographs are fantastic.

Tegan Fri 17-Apr-15 22:12:39

My son drove all over Finland looking for the Northern Lights and failed, and the S.O. takes the dog out for her last walk of the day and there they are. Lifesnotfairsometimes....[what's even more annoyng is that S.O. hasn't got a camera with him either...although seeing photos would probably make me even more envy]...

Tegan Fri 17-Apr-15 22:13:19


glassortwo Fri 17-Apr-15 22:13:36

A couple more.

Tegan Fri 17-Apr-15 22:14:51

I've seen some amazing sunsets there but never

glassortwo Fri 17-Apr-15 22:16:14

This one is Bamburgh

glassortwo Fri 17-Apr-15 22:17:31

I always miss them, one of these days I will get lucky smile

glammanana Fri 17-Apr-15 22:18:49

Glass fab pic's the colours are out of this world,DS2 saw them when he was in Artic Circle on training a few years ago,they where allowed to lay on their backs and watch the experience wave over them they said it was the most amazing thing to see.envy

harrigran Fri 17-Apr-15 23:13:00

Must check with DS to see if he is out chasing the lights, he usually gets some good photos.

MiniMouse Fri 17-Apr-15 23:33:41

Wonderful photos, I'm so envy. We're staying in Northumberland very soon, so I'm hoping to at least see some Dark Sky!

Tegan Fri 17-Apr-15 23:53:59

You'll see lots of stars Mini cause there's no light pollution.

MiniMouse Sat 18-Apr-15 00:13:43

Just hoping there are no clouds either tegan!