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Recycling ideas ♻️?

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rosecarmel Mon 23-Sep-19 01:54:00

Yes, I'm familiar with the type of packaging you're referring to, M0nica- Thanks for clarifying- I've reused them for packing eBay items for shipping-

M0nica Sun 22-Sep-19 22:22:39

The containers I am talking about rosecarmel are ones produced industrially from recycled cardboard, which is turned into a pulp, processed and pressed into egg boxes, packaging inserts that you get round boxed electrical itemswhen you buy them and the like.

They are governed by all the usual rules on product safety. Here is a link to the kind of product I am referring to

rosecarmel Sun 22-Sep-19 17:53:20

In the US there are laws that prohibit the use of used food containers for food- They aren't strictly enforced but are in place to track sources- For example, honey cannot be sold without a label that provides an address and phone number and sellers cannot reuse containers-

M0nica Sun 22-Sep-19 17:36:10

We have a rule 1)Can we sell it at auction or on ebay (and it is quite remarkable what we have sold at our local auction house; everything from a pond pump, to a selection of old pictures, to a lot of mixed kitchen china, to some home made curtains) 2) Freegle it 3) Donate to charity.

We buy eggs from a shop that sells them in containers made from pressed card made from pulped paper and card, which we can either return or compost.

petra Sun 22-Sep-19 17:15:54

I love the fact that you recycled sand: it's a little known fact but the world is running out of it.

gillybob Sun 22-Sep-19 17:09:12

I never throw anything away before trying it on freecycle first . This year (after a major clear out) I have re-homed plant pots, ornaments, a CD player, books, toys , bricks , sand and cement, wood and loads of other stuff . smile

Calendargirl Sun 22-Sep-19 17:04:32

We sell tomatoes at the gate so always retain punnets from bought fruit to sell them in, plus smaller suitable clear containers from anything else.

Noticeable this year how many buyers have returned the containers for re-use.

Namsnanny Sun 22-Sep-19 17:00:23

With 40% of plastic being SINGLE USE I wondered if this idea I’ve used for a number of years, is at all helpful?

I’m sure it’s of no surprise to some of you, but just in case others haven’t thought of it.....

Here is a plastic fruit or veg net that I re use to put my home made fat balls into for the birds!

I usually buy loose veg, but now and again I’m forced to buy bagged. So this is how I ‘dispose’ of the net.

Would anyone like to pass on their tips to us all?smile