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Living the frugal life- the more serious side

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Fleurpepper Sun 07-Aug-22 11:30:37

Let's keep one side for humour- but also think about what we can do ourselves.

Sago Sun 07-Aug-22 12:06:56

I have bought an Instant pot, the ovens rarely go on now.

We will possibly mothball our house in Jan/Feb and move into our holiday let, bookings are not brilliant until March so we can save on heating our home which is 3 story Victorian and no double glazing at the front as we live in a conservation area.

I have given up my gym membership as the petrol and monthly fee was costing me around £80 a month.
I bought some weights and resistance bands for less than the monthly fee.

Finally I made the decision to not buy any clothes for a year and to “wear my wardrobe”. I’m on month 5 and have not caved, instead of clothes we are doing a weekly food bank shop so we can hopefully help someone who really needs support.

Georgesgran Sun 07-Aug-22 12:21:33

I’m determined to use my wood burner this Winter. I’ve loads of wood, hate the clearing out, but it can stay alight for 4 days, so it’s a no brainer really, if there’s a week of bad weather and I don’t need to be out and about.

I worked out it’s £10 in fuel to visit my DDs, so I’m trying to avoid just ‘popping in’ or dropping off something at random and I’m going to kill 2 birds, etc. This week, I’m taking DD2s dogs for a grooming appointment, so after that I’ll get (DD1) my DGS1 from Pre-school. Previously, I’d do these on separate days.

As for buying clothes, I’ve enough to see me out - but that’s another thread!