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Shite me! I've lost another one!

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j08 Wed 26-Jun-13 18:03:00

The thread re blogs where I tried to introduce the mum to Cari!

Says it turned into a bit of a bun fight! I only went out for a bit of shopping and a cup tea. And some cake. And here it is, gone! confused

j08 Wed 26-Jun-13 18:04:48


I am really sorry about that thread title.

gracesmum Wed 26-Jun-13 18:05:09

Missed that one altogether, HQ clearly not glued to the tennis then.

petallus Wed 26-Jun-13 18:05:59

I knew that would be you posting as soon as I saw the title grin

j08 Wed 26-Jun-13 18:07:25

I bet this gets deleted too. hmm

merlotgran Wed 26-Jun-13 18:21:15

I keep missing all the bun fights sad

annodomini Wed 26-Jun-13 18:30:31

Never even saw that one, J08. You didn't dream it, did you? hmm

Ana Wed 26-Jun-13 18:41:16

I missed it too - was it the Geriatric Gran one..?

Butty Wed 26-Jun-13 18:42:49

Seems HQ have a delete button with your name on it J. grin

Grannyknot Wed 26-Jun-13 19:22:34

If you do get "deleted" j08 we will create a username and pretend that we are you, and keep you going, and you can come online and read what we think you would say smile

kittylester Wed 26-Jun-13 20:02:25

I thought it was a nice thread and during my drive from Derby to Loughborough, it turned into a bun fight and got deleted. sad

Ella46 Wed 26-Jun-13 21:02:40

Well, if we were all out including Jings then who was throwing the buns? confused

Ana Wed 26-Jun-13 21:04:31

Yes, who indeed? confused

Ana Wed 26-Jun-13 21:06:04

Still, nice not to be at all implicated, for once...wink

j08 Wed 26-Jun-13 21:22:59

Thank you Grannyknot. That will be nice. hmm wink grin

Granny23 Wed 26-Jun-13 23:24:40

I did see the geriatric Gran thread when it was still 'nice' with a bit of banter between JO8 and Soop. I have no knowledge of a 'bunfight' but did wonder about the wisdom of posting a link to Cari's personal blog on an open forum. I had a quick look but felt a bit like a 'stalker' reading things that were not intended for consumption by the entire general public, so logged out quite quickly. blush

Grannyknot Thu 27-Jun-13 06:35:11

Granny23 if it's a blog and there's a link to it, I don't think it's private? <nosy now>. Anyway if you're writing and publishing on the web, you want to get it out there ... hmm

j08 pleasure!

MrsJamJam Thu 27-Jun-13 07:03:01

Only go away for a holiday for three weeks (spending the kids inheritance) and it seems I miss all sorts of fun. Do I have to curtail my wicked holiday habit?

Aka Thu 27-Jun-13 07:31:46

Missed this completely hmm I think ??

ninathenana Thu 27-Jun-13 08:54:55

No I can't see that it's private. DD has a friend with a blog called "mycancer" it's entirely public.

I missed the bun fight too, I always miss the 'interesting' ones smile

CharlotteGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 27-Jun-13 09:07:33


Just to clarify, no buns were flung. We deleted the thread because it was advertising a blog.

The bunfight message was a Tech error, and should have stated that we were deleting the thread for breaking Talk guidelines.

Ella46 Thu 27-Jun-13 09:12:12

smile A very diplomatic explanation wink

j08 Thu 27-Jun-13 09:20:43

I am so relieved to read it was just an anti-advertising thing!

I have been worrying that I might have upset Cari. Really would not like to do that! Couldn't really see how though, as Cari links to that page on Twitter.

All's well. smile

Ella46 Thu 27-Jun-13 09:42:04

It won't last.............................grin

j08 Thu 27-Jun-13 09:45:13

That's not fair.

But never mind.