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jinglbellsfrocks Fri 14-Mar-14 23:24:39

The latest campaign to be officially backed by Gransnet is to do with The Sun's page 3 girls.

Whilst I am in complete agreement that the world would be better without page 3, couldn't a slightly more relevant campaign have been found? I am thinking along the lines of the "denied contact" threads, and, especially, a thread started this evening by a poster whose grandchild has been adopted away from the birth family, without the consent of the blood relatives.

Somehow page 3 pales to insignificance....

durhamjen Fri 14-Mar-14 23:27:22

You can start your own, Jingle, on

durhamjen Fri 14-Mar-14 23:30:37

There's one on by Jack Monroe, to make the budget next week one to stop hunger. It needs lots more signatures.

durhamjen Sat 15-Mar-14 00:55:28

Here's another one for Gransnet to get hot under the collar about, Jingle.
Find out if your MP has signed up to the early day motion.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 09:10:44

I wonder what the thinking is behind Gransnet's choice. It seems to have so little, really, to do with grandparents. Well, I appreciate we have concerns for our grandkids' future emotional wellbeing. That goes without saying. But still. [shrug]

JessM Sat 15-Mar-14 09:28:24

Yes quite. We don't want our grandsons and granddaughters growing up with this crap all over the place do we.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 09:35:33

I guess it's easy to have your name added to a list of prominent supporters. And, of course, it is extra publicity.

A real campaign, started by Gransnet, and for grandparents, would take effort and expense.

Anne58 Sat 15-Mar-14 09:46:57

Not sure I agree with regard to expense Jingl there are ways of getting things into the public arena without spending money.

glassortwo Sat 15-Mar-14 10:17:12

I agree that supporting the Denied contact Grandparents would be a great choice of campaign, I think the page 3 needs supporting too but cant we do both.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 10:40:30

Phoenix extra staff required?

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 10:41:46

Ooh! It could be you! smile

You could do it easily.

durhamjen Sat 15-Mar-14 10:56:39

So could you, Jingle. You started this thread so you must have an idea of what you want it to be about.
Go on and see if there is already a thread on denied contact. If not start one. It costs nothing. They do ask you for money but you could just ignore it.

durhamjen Sat 15-Mar-14 11:02:30

Just looked. There isn't one currently so start one Jingle.
The last one which is now closed only got 55 signatures. I am sure you could get more than that.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 11:20:57

I don't want to do it. But then, you could say I haven't started a business with the intent of making profits largely through the online verbal contributions of grandparents. But of course I would n't dream of saying that. smile

All I am saying, and I will put this in the simplest of terms so it is easily understood, is, if a grandparenting forum wishes to campaign, there might be worthisr causes than getting rid of page 3. Excellent though that cause might be. And is.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 11:22:26

Why did I start this thread? hmm I am probably back on the road to getting barred. Again.

glassortwo Sat 15-Mar-14 11:24:57


jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 11:25:29

I was cleaning my teeth last night and thinking of a thread about the child being taken away. And I thought, "Why don't they start a fucking campaign about something really serious like that!"

Shoot me now.

Gagagran Sat 15-Mar-14 11:30:55

Agree with you 100% Jings. Please don't get barred again. grin

Galen Sat 15-Mar-14 11:44:06

What's to stop you starting a campaign yourself. If it gets enough support GN might adopt it.
I think that's what happened about page 3. Quite a lot of people had already complained about it on GN

Maniac Sat 15-Mar-14 11:58:34

So agree with you jingle and*glass or two*. a campaign against page 3 seems very trivial compared with the issue of 'Denied Contact for Grandparents' which has probably had more postings than any other subject.

durhamjen Sat 15-Mar-14 11:59:44

I actually think that getting rid of page three is as good a cause as grandparents' rights.
I never swear, let alone when I'm brushing my teeth.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 12:07:13

We followed on from Mumsnet with the (excellent!) Page 3 campaign. Just think perhaps one of GN' s own.....

JessM Sat 15-Mar-14 12:07:27

I think campaigning for grandparents "rights" is fraught with complications. Sometimes grandparents are not allowed access for extremely good reasons.
It's a bit like campaigning for divorced fathers "rights" - there are many dads and kids that are suffering. But there are also many cases where dads are a danger to their children or ex wives. So how could you "campaign" on behalf of the good guys? I would not know how on earth to word such a petition.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 12:11:59

And I don't think many of these online petitions started by ordinary individuals ever get anywhere. Takes a "name" or a well-known organisation.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 15-Mar-14 12:13:10

I go along with fostering a child where necessary. Never adoption when against the wishes of blood relatives.