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Sharing a bed wasn't bonding for me with my sister

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ZanyGran Fri 06-Mar-15 05:53:11

My parents in their wisdom wouldn't buy two single beds, but kept the double bed bought when my mum had a couple billeted on her in the War. Pity they didn't get single beds.

I slept with my sister till I left to get married top to tail fashion till I was 20. I hated it. There was three years difference in us and when you are a teenager that three years is more like five years. I'm a restless sleeper and often didn't get to sleep for hours, I couldn't put on a light and read so lay there festering.

The annoying thing for me was there was a spare room filled with junk which would have made an excellent bedroom for me. I did manage to claim room in there when studying for O levels though and sat listening to Radio Luxumburg and studying, absolute bliss.

Anyone else have similar memories of distaste sleeping? I'm 70 years old.

NanKate Fri 06-Mar-15 07:32:23

I hated it when my older sister would steal the hot water bottle. I feel for you Zanygran.

Mishap Fri 06-Mar-15 10:40:21

On the rare occasions when we stayed with my gran I had to share a bed with my brother - we used to fight like cat and dog of a millimetre of sheet - it's mine, no it's mine!! In the end they put a bolster down the midle to try and prevent all-out war!