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St Andrews Day

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annodomini Sat 24-Nov-18 15:52:23

30th November is St Andrew's Day. Every year we have emojis for the other patron saints' days - a rose, a leek, a shamrock; but every year I find there is no thistle for us Scots and I post about it on this site, asking for recognition for the many Scots who are members of Gransnet. Please, this year, find us a thistle!

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Nov-18 16:00:11

That would be really good. It was a fabulous day when I was at school.

J52 Sat 24-Nov-18 16:43:42

Great idea. I once worked in a CofE school where the head gave us all a day off for St Andrews day. The school was in Birmingham!

DoraMarr Sat 24-Nov-18 16:47:10

Yes, good idea! My ex husband is a Scot, and we would always have haggis and neeps on St Andrews, accompanied by Burns’ poem.

ninathenana Sat 24-Nov-18 17:14:05

This sasanach thinks it's only fair.

I hadn't realised this has not been happening.
Come on GN play fair smile

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 27-Nov-18 21:36:36

Just to say we are doing our best to make this happen but it depends how fast tech can knit one

mcem Tue 27-Nov-18 21:52:52

But please no repeat of the horrific 'Jimmy' emoji you inflicted on us a few years ago!
Why are techs only starting knitting now when St Andrews day comes round every year? Not a surprise really.

Marydoll Tue 27-Nov-18 22:16:49

Hear, hear!

NanKate Tue 27-Nov-18 22:17:08

How fast does the HQ Tech work? We are still waiting for an edit button and a like button. 🙁

NanKate Tue 27-Nov-18 22:18:47

I meant to add I was in St Andrew’s House at school and it is my sister’s birthday too.

Marydoll Tue 27-Nov-18 22:24:27

I loved At Andrew's s day when I was teaching.
We would have a concert, where each class performed a "party piece", with a Scottish theme.
Then we would have a Scottish themed feast. It was a great day. However, the food police may not have been to happy with the fayre supplied. Is IrnBru and Highland toffee healthy.😁

annodomini Tue 27-Nov-18 22:29:14

cari, since my last plea, you have had a whole year to knit a thistle! A St Andrew's flag would be an acceptable symbol

MawBroon Tue 27-Nov-18 22:42:43

Something like this would do

ninathenana Wed 28-Nov-18 07:03:51

That dosen't show on my android phone Maw
It's just a row of rectangles.

Anja Wed 28-Nov-18 07:24:05

Saltire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Marydoll Wed 28-Nov-18 08:36:37

Just a black flag on my PC.

mcem Wed 28-Nov-18 08:59:23

And a black flag on my kindle fire.
Surely the pretty multi-coloured 'flowers' emoji is more complicated to knit than either a thistle or a saltire?

Cherrytree59 Wed 28-Nov-18 09:46:27

I recall GNers making same request last year
& probably the
year before
A Saltire or thistle will do nicely thank

Izabella Wed 28-Nov-18 10:55:37

Like this?

mcem Wed 28-Nov-18 17:30:50

Yes Izabella just like that!

jacq10 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:55:31

Don't think we need a flag. Would like to see thistle - in keeping with the rose, leek and shamrock.

Marydoll Wed 28-Nov-18 19:07:07

A thistle for me too, please.

Izabella Wed 28-Nov-18 19:09:55

Does the thistle represent St. Andrew?

varian Wed 28-Nov-18 19:15:00

As a little Scottish schoolgirl in the early 1950s, I enjoyed having a day off school on 30th November, but there was some confusion about whether we were supposed to be celebrating St Andrews Day or Winston Churchill's birthday.

Izabella Wed 28-Nov-18 19:23:58

anniebach further to your comments upthread, I have pm'd you.