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jura2 Tue 17-Sep-19 21:58:12

Had to change my password quite some time ago. Since then- when I try to log in, it says 'incorrect password' - so I type in the new password I've used for months, and get message about updating records- and get in. But password is never up-dated and I have to type it in every time. Not the end of the world- but sooo annoying. Advice, please. Thanks.

Alima Wed 18-Sep-19 06:00:22

Sorry, don’t know the answer but bumping before you go off the page. If GN don’t answer you soon see if emailing them gets a result.

Beechnut Wed 18-Sep-19 07:36:05

It’s telling me on good Morning thread to log in when I already have.

jura2 Wed 18-Sep-19 09:47:18

Any idea our Mods? Thanks.

ZoeGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 18-Sep-19 10:40:57

Hi jura2

Thanks for your message. We'll look into this for you today and get back to you with suggestions for fixing this.

Beechnut have you ticked the 'stay logged in' box when you log in? This should help to keep you logged in when you click on a thread.

Best wishes

Beechnut Wed 18-Sep-19 11:32:34

Thanks ZoeGransnet. I haven’t ever done that.