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Those ads!

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MawBe Fri 20-Aug-21 11:34:17

Right now I am getting holiday bnb /cottage ads for a place called Pidley.
What on earth have I posted to trigger that particular algorithm! [ grin]

MawBe Fri 20-Aug-21 11:35:06

And now it’s vegan shoes.
I didn’t know you could get carnivorous shoes [ confused]

MawBe Fri 20-Aug-21 12:01:11

Can’t even get my emojis right
grin and confused

Nannan2 Fri 20-Aug-21 12:10:43

I bought some shoes in a sale, from next or similar, maybe debenhams when closing down, it said inside those that they are vegan.Yes, i was confused too.🤔

B9exchange Fri 20-Aug-21 12:19:44

Vegans wont wear leather shoes. Artificial leather is fine. Instead for advertising them as synthetic, they are now calling them vegan!

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 20-Aug-21 12:25:46

So they’re plastic?!

V3ra Fri 20-Aug-21 12:35:21


So they’re plastic?!

I think M&S call it "Pleather"... 😕

felice Fri 20-Aug-21 12:35:32

I get Flemish adverts, fair enough, actually just got one from a Wine festival which I had forgotten I had tickets to, handy reminder.
Most are for insurance and estate agents ?????

MiniMoon Fri 20-Aug-21 14:04:13

I don't get bothered by advertisements on the mobile site. The boxes they ought to be in are blank.
On the desktop site however, the adverts are for retirement flats. I admit that I have been looking at retirement properties, in the hope that I can persuade DH that we should be thinking about our future needs. He is having none of it!

MawBe Fri 20-Aug-21 14:05:30


So they’re plastic?!


ElderlyPerson Sat 18-Sep-21 20:37:46

Being vegan is about avoiding exploiting animals in any way. It is not just about not eating their bodies and not consuming milk that mothers made for their babies.