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MamaCaz Sun 10-Oct-21 18:46:14

Is it just me that has had problems with Gransnet on several occasions over the last few days, even though I was able to load any other sites that I frequently visit?

sodapop Mon 11-Oct-21 15:39:56

I was just going to post about exactly the same thing MamaCaz. I have to have several goes at loading and today had the error message. When I do finally get onto the site it's impossible to click onto some threads. This has been happening over a few days.

Shinamae Mon 11-Oct-21 16:18:57

I have had problems today logging into the site but seems to be okay now

aggie Mon 11-Oct-21 16:45:07

I had problems too , every other site is ok

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 11-Oct-21 16:46:21

It’s been crashing on and off all day for me. I’ll just get this written quickly in case it go.........

Blossoming Mon 11-Oct-21 16:47:29

The server crashed.

Grandmajean Mon 11-Oct-21 16:47:52

same here. Crashing all day

MamaCaz Mon 11-Oct-21 16:48:16

Not just me then.
That's reassuring - means I've not got a problem with my tablet or our Internet connection.

It's happened countless times today!

MaizieD Mon 11-Oct-21 16:50:01

No, it's been crashing on and off for most of today.

It's not the first time it's been like this, it either crashes or it's v e r y s l o w to load.

sodapop Mon 11-Oct-21 16:56:24

Not only is it not loading a lot of the time when I finally do get on some threads will not open.
Also I have to click countless times to post. With one thing and another I'm getting really fed up with GN

Chewbacca Mon 11-Oct-21 17:00:03

Not just me then! smile

Welshwife Mon 11-Oct-21 17:00:47

Agree - lots of annoying things with the slow loading and parts of site just not working.

25Avalon Mon 11-Oct-21 17:02:38

Same problem here. Annoying.

crazyH Mon 11-Oct-21 17:02:44

It’s back on now !!!

JaneJudge Mon 11-Oct-21 17:03:04

it has been off most of the day, not posting etc
I started a thread last week saying it always crashes when they send out the daily email but I think it went unanswered

Smileless2012 Mon 11-Oct-21 17:03:38

Frustrating isn't it.

May7 Mon 11-Oct-21 17:04:34

Same here, but because I'm giving problems with Sainsburys app as well I thought it was my phone confused

sodapop Mon 11-Oct-21 18:56:11

Still having problems with loading grrrrr

MamaCaz Mon 11-Oct-21 18:58:37

It's been happening to me for several days, but it is a lot worse today!

May7 Mon 11-Oct-21 19:05:18

I have reported the thread in the hope that it comes to GNHQ attention

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-21 19:09:14

Hi all

We are aware of some connection issues that happened earlier on - it should all be fixed now. Please do let us know if this isn't the case.

BBbevan Mon 11-Oct-21 19:29:53

Can only get GN intermittently on computer, Not on iPad or kindle at all

Mapleleaf Mon 11-Oct-21 19:43:18

Seems ok for now, but it’s been intermittent this afternoon. Will let you know if it happens again (providing I can get on, of course).

MamaCaz Mon 11-Oct-21 19:46:35

Mine was awkward right up until LilyGransnet's post.
Been OK since, so fingers crossed.

MamaCaz Mon 11-Oct-21 20:02:54

It's still a problem. Reporting again.