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Unwanted gransnet videos.

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eazybee Mon 10-Oct-22 14:56:26

Is anyone else's screen infested with 'Gransnet videos', the current one called Am I Being Unreasonable? concerning a wedding? I have reported it.

Callistemon21 Mon 10-Oct-22 15:00:56

Yes, I thought it was just one thread but it's on each thread I've looked at.

Mine are about a wedding, but with a whole string of other videos underneath

toscalily Mon 10-Oct-22 15:03:08

Yes, really annoying.

Callistemon21 Mon 10-Oct-22 15:04:27

Reported again.

MaizieD Mon 10-Oct-22 15:06:36


Reported again.

And it pops up under your post, Cal grin

Is this some exercise in getting money out of us? Or more clicks on mumsnet?


BlueBelle Mon 10-Oct-22 15:10:42

No I haven’t had any ? I m on iPad ?

Chestnut Mon 10-Oct-22 15:13:08

I have nothing like this, so not sure what it is. I have AdBlocker installed which seems to stop all pop-ups on this site and others.

eazybee Mon 10-Oct-22 15:13:28

One is appearing in the middle of this thread now on my laptop, and there is another very annoying one in the bottom left hand corner.

Callistemon21 Mon 10-Oct-22 15:16:17



Reported again.

And it pops up under your post, Cal grin

Is this some exercise in getting money out of us? Or more clicks on mumsnet?


It's under yours, MaizieD!

toscalily Mon 10-Oct-22 15:39:06

I'm the same as easybee, two adverts repeated over and over again.

Jaxjacky Mon 10-Oct-22 15:57:03

I keep getting the one to turn my iPad round, black background, no others, yet.

shysal Mon 10-Oct-22 17:21:09

Yes, aren't they annoying? On every thread I look at, and no X in the corner to remove.

kissngate Mon 10-Oct-22 17:21:54

Ive been getting them as well but only when using the phone, I can barely read the posts as Sky advert popping up all the time along with clothing ones.

welbeck Mon 10-Oct-22 17:24:36

same, on laptop.
v annoying.
if i needed anything of that ilk i would avoid that trader on principle.

lemsip Mon 10-Oct-22 17:26:01

yes, I've got them today, annoying.

grannydarkhair Mon 10-Oct-22 17:26:37

I’m like BlueBelle, am on an iPad and this is not happening (thankfully).

Kalu Mon 10-Oct-22 17:55:30

I also get the black screen requesting I turn my tablet around. The turning never works and I lose the first few posts of any thread when this appears. Verrry annoying!

JaneJudge Mon 10-Oct-22 17:58:30

the irony is, it is even on this thread grin

Blossoming Mon 10-Oct-22 17:59:40

None on my iPad and I don’t use an ad blocker.

Septimia Mon 10-Oct-22 18:30:54

It's irritating, isn't it? I can switch off the one at the bottom, but why should I have to? The one in the middle is a real pain!

LilyGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 10-Oct-22 19:35:00

Hi all

Just to say, thanks for your feedback - we will be discussing it and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yammy Mon 10-Oct-22 19:42:29

Yes, I'm getting it and tried to report it but couldn't. Really irritating it's on this thread and about children eating.

Shinamae Mon 10-Oct-22 19:48:59


No I haven’t had any ? I m on iPad ?

Me too..

lixy Mon 10-Oct-22 20:08:17

These are really annoying - hope they get removed asap.

mumofmadboys Mon 10-Oct-22 22:27:30

The ads are putting me off reading Gransnet