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Cheryl Bissett from McCarthy and Stone has answered your questions about retirement living and planning

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JustineBGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 09-Nov-20 10:09:13

Retirement communities provide support, safety and most importantly, friendship to those who live there. Cheryl Bissett is divisional Sales Director at McCarthy & Stone and also helped her 84 year-old mother Isobel move into a McCarthy & Stone development in 2017. After settling into Cranberry Court, Isobel’s social life has blossomed; spending time with her neighbours at coffee mornings, book clubs and film nights.

The community wasn’t halted by the pandemic and Cheryl gained peace of mind knowing that her mother had people around her for company and to reach out a helping hand if needed. With this in mind, Cheryl would like to use her experience to help answer your questions around retirement living and planning.

Here’s what McCarthy & Stone have to say: “With more than 40 years of experience in designing, creating and managing thriving communities, a McCarthy & Stone apartment gives you much more than a lovely home. It gives you access to a vibrant, caring and supportive community of friends and neighbours.

Here’s more about Cheryl Bissett: “Cheryl is Senior Divisional Sales & Marketing Director and has worked for McCarthy & Stone for over 5 years.
Cheryl is extremely passionate about what McCarthy & Stone offer to our retirement community, so much so Cheryl’s mother downsized into a McCarthy & Stone apartment at Cranberry Court.
McCarthy & Stone have made a huge difference to Cheryl and her family as her mum was once isolated and lonely and now has a whole host of new friends and a fabulous social life.”

Perhaps you’ve considered buying or renting a property in a retirement living community and want to find out more about it? Or have a family member that wants to find out more about retirement living in general and how best to plan for it? Post your question on this thread and you’ll be entered into a prize draw where one lucky GNer will win a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

We’ll be selecting questions for Cheryl to answer during a one-hour session that’s taking place on 30/11

Thanks and good luck!


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jollo Wed 25-Nov-20 12:37:58

My mother in law had a fall whilst living in a retirement community. She was quickly found and sent to hospital with broken hip. If she was living totally alone, could have spent hours in pain on floor. So glad for the community.

dragonfly63 Wed 25-Nov-20 13:40:36

Is the social life purely organised by residents or is there an organiser to help?

albertina Wed 25-Nov-20 16:00:32

Can I rent rather than buy ?

sofieellis Wed 25-Nov-20 17:27:03

I sometimes think this would be an excellent idea for our retirement, a bit like living in University Halls of Residence, but for grown-ups and much more luxurious!

However, I do worry about the lack of privacy, I think I would feel a bit stifled and enclosed by it. What happens if someone buys an apartment and then decides it's really not the right lifestyle for them?

Jess9887 Wed 25-Nov-20 22:36:01

Can my grandparents have their great grandchildren over to stay? They love having them over

loubaby Thu 26-Nov-20 16:10:25

What are general rules regarding visitors and overnight stays?

Yolostela Thu 26-Nov-20 19:58:52

Do you plan to have housing in North East Lincolnshire?

cathryn1 Fri 27-Nov-20 07:03:46

running costs breakdown and likely re-sale value.

shaddai88 Fri 27-Nov-20 10:03:52

What is the running cost to maintain the property? Are the property built to be energy efficient!

imustbemadme Fri 27-Nov-20 15:18:05

My mum is very independent and likes to be out all day but would love this in the evening, that's when she's lonliest, is there organised events she could attend?

wendybiv Fri 27-Nov-20 17:03:12

What is the average age of the residents and would it take away our independence?

angela121262 Fri 27-Nov-20 17:51:46

Can you expand on running costs please

Horatia Fri 27-Nov-20 19:04:42

Are there rules regarding noise levels.

zippedup Fri 27-Nov-20 20:50:08

If I need to have care am I allowed to stay or do I have to move out? Do you provide any carers?

baconbap Fri 27-Nov-20 20:51:41

Is there only electric heating?

bluecat3535 Fri 27-Nov-20 20:53:03

My dad had green glowing light switches, which were annoying. Do all retirement flats have these?

pengwen Fri 27-Nov-20 23:42:13

My mum is 80 but very active ,would she be able to be independent and come and go as
she pleased.?

molly57 Sat 28-Nov-20 10:54:15

I have lost a lot of my contributions when I retired early due to serious health problems.

Dan29 Sat 28-Nov-20 13:31:35

Would there be limitations on visitors and who could stay over? (in normal times - obviously things may be different currently due to Covid).

Artaylar Sat 28-Nov-20 15:14:58


I lost the last part of my post - which was to ask if there are retirment villages aimed at people who are active in mind and body, though getting older, and where the residents take the major decisions together about their communities?

Hi Applegran

It might be worth taking a look at the UK Cohousing website to find out what Cohousing is all about.

It includes a Directory of current and up and coming Cohousing Schemes, some of which have a focus on older people. (There is a 'Senior' filter on the Directory

Hope helps;

SwiftShark Sat 28-Nov-20 15:27:14

Are there rules about having Grandchildren or other people to stay?

If you have a private garden are you allowed to grow whatever you want in them?

Artaylar Sat 28-Nov-20 15:34:46


Where are the answers to the questions being asked?

There are some really excellent questions being asked of McCarthy and ~Stone on this thread, though this is my favourite one - sorry new'ish on GNet and not got the hang of the emoticons yet.

kelliec Sat 28-Nov-20 16:47:53

Are annual service charge increases capped at a certain percentage?

MilliePW Sat 28-Nov-20 19:02:29

Are pets allowed?

CherylBissettMcCarthyandStone Mon 30-Nov-20 15:34:09

Hi everyone I'm Cheryl and I'm Senior Divisional Sales & Marketing Director at McCarthy and Stone. Thanks so much for all your great questions! I know making the step to retirement living can be a tough decision so I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of the facts and information I've gained from my professional and personal experience with McCarthy and Stone's properties. I hope you'll find it useful!