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susiecb Sat 07-Jul-12 11:16:05

I'll nail my colours to the mast here and say I'm for Federer- am I alone?

tanith Sat 07-Jul-12 11:21:47

OH will be rooting for Federer and I really like the man but I can't help supporting the underdog... just for once I'd like it to be our man (or Scotland's man) that wins.. but I don't know if I can stand the strain because I'm sure it will be grin

soop Sat 07-Jul-12 11:22:08

My heart says, Federer. He is a joy to watch. My head says, Andy. We live in Scotland. He has had to battle his way thus far. Cannot wait for the moment when the match begins. I shall be a jibbering wreck at the close of play. flag

Butternut Sat 07-Jul-12 11:28:26

It's the other way around for me, soop. My heart says Andy, but my head says Federer! I'll raise a Magnum to you as I watch (that's the ice cream - not the bottle - it's the only time I eat them!) grin

crimson Sat 07-Jul-12 11:58:34

I've never warmed to Murray but, having watched the replay yesterday was very moved by how emotional he was when he won. Given that Federer has [if it is at all possible] improved his game and is on the way back to being top seed again, he could possibly win Wimbledon next year..this is Andy's 'moment in time' and, with tennis being the most gladiatorial of sports the whole arena will be behind him. Fortune favours the brave. C'mon Andy!

soop Sat 07-Jul-12 12:09:55

Magnums it is, Butter ...very dark choc, preferably! smile

Maniac Sat 07-Jul-12 13:56:06

soop I've become addicted to Magnums especially the Magnum Infinity minis.I've laid in a supply for tomorrow.
Federer is a great player but I would love to see Murray win.

Should there be a limit on number of times a champion can compete?

soop Sat 07-Jul-12 15:15:31

Good point, Maniac. The ladies match is so one-sided. The Williams sisters need to get a new life! How about bowls? grin

jeni Sat 07-Jul-12 15:43:24

Much more important! Should there be a limit on how many magnums a GNer can eat?confused

Hunt Sat 07-Jul-12 18:03:15


whenim64 Sat 07-Jul-12 18:26:46

My heart says Federer, but i'll be pleased for Murray if he wins smile

Maniac Sat 07-Jul-12 19:11:46

They are mini Magnums so I can have twice as many.
* jeni* Ive' got you a jar of fresh Backwell honey.I'll bring it next time we meet.

jeni Sat 07-Jul-12 19:35:06

Great! Thanks, I'm fed up of running nose all the time.
Actually it is the only bit of me that can run!

Annobel Sat 07-Jul-12 20:34:22

Whaitrose has a very good imitation of Magnums - two different flavours. But they come in packs of three which causes me devilish temptation. hmm

Greatnan Sun 08-Jul-12 08:20:38

Henman and Murray - not exactly charismatic, are they? When I see one of them being interviewed, my eyes glaze over. No, of course it doesn't mean they are not good tennis players but it would be nice if Britain had someone with a bit of personality!

whenim64 Sun 08-Jul-12 08:35:30

I'm intrigued by the way Murray constantly averts his eyes when being interviewed. I'm not sure if he's uncomfortable, shy, or simply pissed off with the way the TV interviewers speak to him. He seems to slip into the same dour mood every time, yet we know he's not really like that in every day situations.

Butternut Sun 08-Jul-12 08:42:41

Well, Murray is certainly not of the "Hey, look at me" type of character! smile

As I posted on the other thread, I think he is awkward in front of the camera, maybe shy, does not play to the media, and is deeply private. He doesn't smooze, and refuses to respond to ridiculous questions. He keeps to the game of tennis. I admire him.

Go Andy! smile

whenim64 Sun 08-Jul-12 08:50:16

Yes, perhaps that's it Butty. I just long for him to put the interviewers in their place, though, instead of looking so uncomfortable every time he speaks to them. Perhaps if he wins we'll see a very different side of him today. Can't wait for this match! smile

crimson Sun 08-Jul-12 11:59:55

We're unusual in this country in that we expect our sporting heroes to be nice people; anyone with the determination to achieve at such a high level is totally focussed on that goal and doesn't actually want to chat about it [and certainly not when they've just lost sad].....

soop Sun 08-Jul-12 12:01:17

I think that Andy is shy. Each to his own. He has put a huge amount of effort into reaching the final. I love Roger to bits...but I shall be yelling for Andy on this occasion. flag

crimson Sun 08-Jul-12 12:02:39

..having said that, when I was watching those two German girls play the other day I was rooting for the one that smiled all the time [she lost confused]]...I guess it's part of the human condition to warm to someone who smiles smile smile smile.....

soop Sun 08-Jul-12 12:10:42

If Andy wins...he'll grin

Butternut Sun 08-Jul-12 12:35:52

...if only Roger hadn't done his 'RF' clothing range......!

A friend is coming around this afternoon. A RF fan. I am, of course, an AM fan.
Interesting times. The magnums will keep us sweet. grin

soop Sun 08-Jul-12 12:43:48

Butter...ours are in the freezer. grin

glammanana Sun 08-Jul-12 12:56:03

It would be good if AM won a fab pack on the back for British sport this year,but I have a feeling that RF may be triumphant,to me personally AM always looks as though he could do with a style make over not that it would make any differance to his ability when it comes to playing tennis but he always looks a wee bit worse for wear.
Carte d'or ready with the strawberries for mr G and magums at the ready we have to watch start of motor racing first though.grinenjoy the afternoon ladies.(and gents)