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I hate Wimbledon

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vampirequeen Wed 05-Jul-17 12:22:35

There I've said it. No pussyfooting about because it's a British tradition. No pretending. In fact I'll shout it. I HATE WIMBLEDON!!!

It takes over everything for two weeks. TV programmes are moved or cancelled and some parts of the BBC morning news programme comes from there even though it's not open at that time. They simply film in front of empty tennis courts or the massive queue.

Everyone seems to be fascinated by it. The media have a field day. I can understand people wanting reports of the matches but who cares if some female player is wearing a pink bra?

We have so many TV channels these days why can't it be shown on one of those rather than mainstream BBC1. BBC4 is off air until 7 in the evening. Why can't it be shown on that?

Linbrikat Sat 08-Jul-17 13:35:24

"I enjoy the men's tennis but agree it should be on BBC3 or BBC4 so that it doesn't take over other programmes."

As I explained a few posts back, that isn't possible because those channels share their wavelengths with CBeebies and CBBC so they're not available during the day.