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The Boat Race - who cares anymore?

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maryeliza54 Sun 07-Apr-19 09:53:45

Whatever has happened to the Boat Race over time? It used to be a bit of fun between undergraduates.

Luckygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 09:54:36

I for one don't care!

kittylester Sun 07-Apr-19 10:01:14

I haven't but am interested this year with the inclusion of James Cracknell.

I usually support Oxford but this year I will support Cambridge.

Bathsheba Sun 07-Apr-19 10:03:08

It was the highlight of the spring when I was a child - we all had our firm favourites, mine being Cambridge. No idea why - pick a colour/word haha! Couldn't give a monkey's nowadays.

maryeliza54 Sun 07-Apr-19 10:03:34

When I used to watch it was only ever in the hope that at least one boat sank😂

EllanVannin Sun 07-Apr-19 10:03:55

It's the fierce competitiveness that has ruined everything. I too used to enjoy it, used to being the operative word.
I must say that I admire James Cracknell entering but again, it seems to defeat the object of the race having once been for the " younger " men. It's really not the same though.

merlotgran Sun 07-Apr-19 10:04:34

DH will watch it. I think it's really boring.

BlueBelle Sun 07-Apr-19 10:08:09

It’s better than watching poor horses getting run into the ground at least the blokes have a choice
I m a Cambridge supporter

Urmstongran Sun 07-Apr-19 10:23:06

Not watched it for years as I too find it boring. Each to their own.

shysal Sun 07-Apr-19 10:45:13

I think it is rather cocky of James Cracknell to muscle in on the boat race. I am an Oxford supporter so hope he gets his comeuppance. grin

Witzend Sun 07-Apr-19 10:49:43

Dh sometimes goes to watch at Putney Bridge. Loads of people always there, even in bad weather. I don't do crowds if I can possibly avoid them, so have never been.
There's evidently still plenty of interest locally, at least.

EllanVannin Sun 07-Apr-19 10:57:19

Shysal, these " oldies " muscle in whenever an opportunity arises to justify ( to themselves ) that they can still perform as they did. I couldn't help fuming about Mick Jagger still prancing around giving himself a heart attack as well as many others who still think they're 20, I can't be doing with them.

James Cracknell is no different but my admiration of him stems from his Olympic days but the boat race being strenuous for not such a young thing is another recipe for a heart attack using chest muscles which aren't as they were 10/20 years ago.

Baggs Sun 07-Apr-19 11:09:32

I thought Cracknell had to drop out while he was a student because of a heart condition, which meant he never earned his blue. His involvement in today's race is to make up for that. Seems decent of Oxford team to let him.

Baggs Sun 07-Apr-19 11:11:46

Boat race is still "a bit of fun". Nowt wrong with string competition.

cornergran Sun 07-Apr-19 11:18:16

I ‘bother’ because my parents loved it and took such enjoyment from it. It’s a nostalgia trip for me and also I enjoy the skill of the teams. As BlueBelle says much prefer it to watching horse racing, never watch the National, too upsetting.

Craftycat Sun 07-Apr-19 11:20:03

It was a big thing when I was young. Dad supported Oxford & Mum & I Cambridge. We always watched it on TV & who ever lost had to go out & buy the other a bar of chocolate. Strangely I always got one too despite who won!!
I still like to watch it- we went to see it a couple of times but it is over so quickly that it wasn't much of a spectacle- much better on TV.

Teetime Sun 07-Apr-19 11:21:49

I like it reminds me of living near London and being able to go up to watch it .

grumppa Sun 07-Apr-19 11:23:41

Switching sides, kittylester? That's like a Remainer becoming a Brexiteer.

HannahLoisLuke Sun 07-Apr-19 11:27:34

I love all the traditional sporting events, Boat Race, Six Nations, Ashes, World Cup and yes all the classic horse races too, although it is tragic when horses are injured or die, find that difficult, more so as I've grown up riding horses and members of family compete in events.
So yes, I'll be watching the Boat Race later.

Annaram1 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:35:31

My son went to both Oxford and Cambridge so I don't really care who wins. I probably won't watch.

Callistemon Sun 07-Apr-19 11:40:02

I quite enjoy the Boat Race and we'll watch it if we're in. There's no reason James Cracknell shouldn't compete as he is at present a post-grad student at Cambridge. He hasn't got an advantage over those young men because he is getting on a bit!
However, I'll be supporting Oxford as usual and have my usual bet with DH (a fiver). It makes no difference as it will come out of our joint account!

vickymeldrew Sun 07-Apr-19 11:41:02

I love the Boat Race. These super humans, at their peak of physical fitness who happen to be super clever too! Celebrate the best, and remember they do it for the love of the sport and not money.

sodapop Sun 07-Apr-19 11:42:08

Yes I agree BlueBelle at least the rowers are doing it of their own free will. It would be a shame to lose yet another tradition.

Callistemon Sun 07-Apr-19 11:45:26

The Boat Race has been going since 1856 - has it ever been just 'a bit of fun'?
As far as I can remember (not as far as 1856) it has always been fiercely competitive.

Happysexagenarian Sun 07-Apr-19 11:52:21

When I was young I used to go to Putney Bridge to watch it then walk along the river to a pub for lunch. There was always a great atmosphere. I've always supported Cambridge simply because I prefer light blue to navy! I still watch it on TV each year, but the original ethos of university students competing against each other is being hijacked a bit by the media.

Does anyone else remember the Henley Regatta? Another great river event. I don't know if it still takes place.