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Returning to Swimming

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Babs758 Mon 24-Aug-20 11:16:03

Sorry if this is a bit long..

I am a keen swimmer and recently rejoined my health club. They are being careful about sanitisation, we cannot use the showers except the one by the pool and I arrive in a towelling robe with my costume underneath and a mask on my face. Took a while to stop being embarrassed when I had to pass the golfers drinking on the terrace in order to access the club whilst looking like a Smurf!

The pool area is high ceilinged and has external doors on two sides which are open for ventilation. On my first session there were, imho, too many people and they were swimming laps rather than clockwise/anticlockwise as suggested in the divided halves of the pool. This meant that people were swimming towards me 1m or less away rather than the 3m distancing that should have happened if they had followed the rules.

I switched my time to the last session of the evening and usually have it to myself or with one other person using it regularly and we are on opposite sides of the pool.

The only thing that goes into the locker in the low ceiling changing room are my outdoor shoes, I towel off and put on my towelling robe by the pool so am really taking all precautions!

How worried should I be about suspended droplets in the air from previous swimmers? My husband is paranoid about all things Covid and it took a lot of persuading for him to "let" me out of the house to go swimming. I know he is unhappy about me going but I need my exercise and freedom!

Any advice from fellow swimmers?

Calendargirl Mon 24-Aug-20 11:23:47

Hmm, well I go to an outside pool, so it’s rather different.

Our local indoor pool is not opening until September, if then, so will have to see what happens then as the outside pool will close in mid September.

It seems so much easier when you’re out in the fresh air.

Sunlover Mon 24-Aug-20 11:29:25

I’ve also started back lane swimming at my local gym. I also arrive in my costume with a towelling cover up. I swim shower by pool slip cover up on over my costume and a leave. I fully shower at home.
Feel totally safe.

Jane10 Mon 24-Aug-20 13:28:30

So you drive home in wet swimsuit? What about handbags / car keys etc?

Sunlover Tue 25-Aug-20 07:48:38

I take a small bag with my phone and keys. The cover up is thick towelling. So yes I just put it on and drive home. It’s only 5/10 mins away. Works well for me as I always hated getting dressed in damp, small changing rooms. This way I can have a lovely shower at home and then dry off comfortably.
Managed 30 lengths yesterday. Aiming to get back up to 50. 👏👏👏

BlueBelle Tue 25-Aug-20 07:52:22

People have to stop being worried about everything
Go and enjoy it swimming is good for you (I m the lucky one I swim in the sea) but if I didn’t have the sea I would happily go to the pool
There can be droplets everywhere we cannot just lock ourselves away and do nothing nice or else we may as well be dead

Bathsheba Tue 25-Aug-20 09:08:48

As long as chlorine levels are correctly maintained in swimming pools, it will kill all viruses. Unfortunately it has not as yet been proven whether this applies equally to Covid-19, but it is likely that it does. I am eagerly awaiting confirmation that this is the case!

Of course, we then have the issue of whether or not we trust the pool management to properly maintain the levels.

Bathsheba Tue 25-Aug-20 09:11:32

Sorry, meant to provide a link

Jane10 Tue 25-Aug-20 09:39:43

Thanks sunlover. Not sure I could manage to drive home like that but I also prefer a shower at home. Will just have to await news from our sports club as to what the drill will be there.

Calendargirl Tue 25-Aug-20 09:46:22

On our swimming pool site it says Covid 19 cannot be transferred through chlorinated pool water at the chlorination levels used in commercial swimming pools.

I think if you want to go swimming, you just have to trust that the pool staff are carrying out regular checks to ensure everything is up to standard.

I suppose the same applies to many activities, you just have to trust that it’s all being done, otherwise we will be stuck at home for the foreseeable.

Calendargirl Tue 25-Aug-20 09:53:14


Thanks sunlover. Not sure I could manage to drive home like that but I also prefer a shower at home. Will just have to await news from our sports club as to what the drill will be there.

After aquacise, you only have 5 minutes to leave the area.

I have a 15 minute drive home, so most of us wear dressing gowns or coveralls. I dry off as much as I can in pool area, try to discreetly remove my swimsuit, then back in the car I scramble into my clothes.

The first time I drove home in cossy, left a damp patch on car seat even though I’d sat on a towel.

So now the ungainly acrobatics on back seat!

Worth it though, for the exercise.

Babs758 Tue 25-Aug-20 10:38:39

Thanks for the comments. I drive home in my wet swimsuit but the towelling robe is thick and it is only a 10 minute drive.. Nice hot shower when I get home.

I have a small bag with keys, club card and a couple of coins for the locker. That is it. Not even a hairbrush!

I think I am more worried about the droplets in the air caused by people breathing rather than the water. That said most of us breathe out underwater! I have read quite a few reports about the chlorine in the pool killing Covid. As long as there are only a few people in the pool I will keep going as am losing weight finally.

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 25-Aug-20 11:29:10

Our pool is still not open. We have thought about cold water swimming ( not a pool, but lakes, the sea etc.) but I don’t know how clean it is. I think the chlorine in the pool, and droplets in the air, are probably a good protection, but of course, don’t know for sure. It’s good for your health and well being, so I would keep going if I had the chance.

Ilovecheese Tue 25-Aug-20 14:17:31

Just got back from first time return to swimming. We have to arrive in our costumes under our clothes but can shower and dress after our swim. It was lovely!
One way system, cubicles cleaned after every use, staff with sprays and wipes on rails etc.
I think there is enough chlorine in the air to kill off the virus.

DiscoDancer1975 Tue 25-Aug-20 15:48:17

I’m so jealous 😖. I really need to swim!