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Teetime Tue 13-Oct-20 10:36:06

Hooray England Netball have had restarting Walking Netball approved by the powers that be. We have for some time been allowed to meet outdoors and do exercises but not play a game. From now on we can play a game lasting not more than 30 minutes (outdoors only) and with no close marking, maintaining social distance, sanitising equipment and hands throughout the session. My ladies are cock a hoop. Our age range is about 60 to 80 but anyone can join even men! If you have never tried it and there is a group in your area I thoroughly recommend it not just for the exercise but for combatting loneliness and and mental health issues. Its inexpensive too.

kittylester Tue 13-Oct-20 11:29:36

Dd2 is an Umpire for the 'proper' game and is concerned about upholding the rules in a fast moving competitive game.

Much easier for oldies.grin

Teetime Tue 13-Oct-20 12:43:59

It will be trickier I would thought especially when the adrenaline gets going and people rush for the ball. Apparently they have to have 2 umpires per game.