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Were you popular and sporty in school?

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biglouis Tue 12-Apr-22 01:07:46

I was a swotty kid and hated sport. There were other subjects I did not particularly enjoy (maths, science. housecraft) but was around the middle of the bunch in my class. I was always slow and clumsy at sport.

I especially hated the way the two most sporty girls were named team captains and had to pick their teams turn and turn about.

Yes - I was always the one left standing at the end.

In contrast my sister was good at sport but not academic. Her life was made difficult because she was not top of the class.

When I was 14 the following conversation took place:-

Sports teacher: your not interested in sport are you Biglouis?

Me: No miss, Im not good at it and I dont see the point

Sports teacher: You cant go through life ignoring the things you dont like Biglouis

Me: Look Miss, Im top of the class in 5 academic subjects and its those I will be putting down on the application forms when I look for a job. Im going to be going into the civil servise or one of the professions. Im not looking for a job as a sports teacher,

Sports teacher: youve got an answer for everything Biglouis. Your a cheeky girl.

Me: no miss, you asked me a question and I answered you.

In spite of being top of the class and always representing my house in various competitions (and mostly winning) I was never chosen as a prefect. I suspect that not being "popular and sporty" had something to do with that.

CanadianGran Tue 12-Apr-22 04:30:16

No and No!

I think I was one of those girls that nobody remembers! Not popular and outgoing, but had my own little group of friends. I was a bit shy so didn't have a huge circle. I envied girls who could talk to anybody on the bus home.

Sporty - I was one of the last picked for teams. Not the very last, but close! Ugh, how awful. But I was picked for teaming up on a project, since I loved to go to the library to research. I was a bit arty as well, so good for posters and drawings.

BlueBelle Tue 12-Apr-22 05:11:31

I think I was very middle of the road was certainly towards the end for for being chosen in sports if there was 10 people I d be about 7
What a dreadful process that was, nothing like knocking every bit of confidence out of you I think I was just average at sports I was probably average at most things
I was fairly shy and diffident although I had my small group of good friends I liked art best and was mediocre at everything else Never good at maths and sciences much better at English art history and geography
I did enjoy school though

denbylover Tue 12-Apr-22 05:45:01

I loathed PE, loathed compulsory sport at High School. By the time we got to the 5th form hallelujah no PE. On the other hand loved tennis, swimming and now walking. Those ghastly rompers didn’t do anything to endear me to PE. The nearby boys school came over in the winter to do folk dancing and later ballroom with us, they were as awkward as we were I think! Dancing wasn’t too bad, no rompers which was a plus. Loved the classroom, library and the friendships which have endured.

Gotanewlife20 Tue 12-Apr-22 07:44:48

Great conversation with the teacher.Good to stand up for yourself at 14.If I'd done that with my sport teacher I'd have got his shoe across my backside.Sports teachers were not usually the smartest.Hope Civil Service or a profession worked out.

Blondiescot Tue 12-Apr-22 08:05:34

No and no here too! I was hopeless at sports - I'm a sloth by nature and also quite unco-ordinated, so I was also one of the last to be picked for any teams. I was far more academically minded, but quite introverted and always felt like a bit of a misfit, to be honest.

Jaxjacky Tue 12-Apr-22 09:02:34

Reasonably popular and ok at sport, but I was naughty, I knew the detention room well. I took A levels at night school, when I wanted to.

snowberryZ Tue 12-Apr-22 09:09:05

I wasn't very sporty but was a very active child and absolutely loved P.E.
Never could understand all the hate for it.confused

snowberryZ Tue 12-Apr-22 09:11:33

Oh. And U wasn't one of the popular onesbut wasn't unpopular either. F that makes sense
Middle of the road I suppose

snowberryZ Tue 12-Apr-22 09:11:42

I not U

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:13:40

Rubbish at sports, hated PE, shy, always had my head in a book.

Totally unknowing, I walked into a crowded Hall wondering what everyone was doing, as I approached my class mates someone whispered ‘here she is is’ grabbed my arm and stuck my hand up, something was said by the teachers at the front of the Hall on the stage and then everyone (well it seemed like everyone) stuck their hands up.
Seems I was voted in as a prefect.
If I’d had my glasses on I would have seen the Prefect Election notice on the Hall door, only 2 prefects were voted in, the rest were chosen by the teachers. It was a real confidence boost.
Still got my badge!

Charleygirl5 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:14:18

I was a Prefect but never Head Girl and although I hated PE indoors I enjoyed tennis, netball and hockey but I loathed cricket. I was on the hockey and netball teams.

It was a boarding school so we did sport 7 days a week which I loved although I was not quite so keen when it was frosty or there was a light covering of snow.

FlexibleFriend Tue 12-Apr-22 09:18:42

I was always good at sport and really enjoyed it, I carried it on long after school. I was also always in the top 5 in class with very little effort. My mum became very ill when I was 12 and died when I was 14 so I put very little effort into my school work, just enough to stay under the radar.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:19:24

LittleMissOops, has no coordination and is hopeless at anything sporty, it’s always commented on in her reports, but if the school did Badminton she would have loved it, we played it in the garden every time they came to stay.
I think it’s about finding the one sport that clicks.
However, she is brilliant at her school work, straight As and A*s has a heart condition and has Asperger’s.
So we are pleased that she enjoys her lessons, we can’t be all good at everything. She was relieved to go to Sixth Form, no sports….

Grandma70s Tue 12-Apr-22 09:19:55

I loathed and despised sports, but I was good at arty things like acting and music, ballet, editing the school magazine etc. I suppose I was ignored by the sporty ones (no loss!), but reasonably popular with the arty ones. I had good friends.

crazyH Tue 12-Apr-22 09:26:04

I was not sporty at all. I shied away from all physical activity.(still do). More of a bookworm really . I was ‘teacher’s pet’, so I doubt I was popular.

Coastpath Tue 12-Apr-22 09:29:04

I was a fat, bespectacled, introverted book worm with braces on my teeth and my head filled with animals and the countryside. I had no inclination towards any kind of team sport,so no and no.

That said I was happy in my own cosy little world and still am. The only difference now is that I don't have the braces - I've swopped those out for bunions.

lixy Tue 12-Apr-22 09:33:05

Loved PE and played a lot of different sports, netball my favourite at school.
Very middle of the road otherwise.

Redhead56 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:43:55

I was skinny and body conscious especially in those navy knickers. I was quite popular at school shy in junior school but going to senior school I knew that had to change. I didn’t mind sport I liked the long jump running rounders and cricket. I didn’t like Lacrosse thought it was pointless. Hated football thought it was for boys and I hated netball I was always wing defence. I didn’t like indoor P E negotiating that horse thing or rope climbing I never liked heights.

Cherrytree59 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:44:42

Sadily did not enjoy school sport or P.E
Rope climbing in the gym was the bane of my life.

However I enjoyed swimming at school and outside of school.
I also went to judo twice a week.

I think it was unfortunate that schools only focused on a particular types of Gym and team sports which mainly catered for the school sporting elite.

After the third year of senior school, we were allowed out to do cross country running by ourselves without a teacher.

We would run out the school gates up to a small village shop, buy penny sweets, trot up to a stream , plonk ourselves down. On hot days we would dip our feet into the stream and chew our sweets.
Keeping an eye on the time, we would jog back until we were in sight of school gates, then it was a quick sprint with a lot of huffing and puffing! ?‍♀️

AGAA4 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:44:59

I hated hockey but was fine with netball and gymnastics. Overall not very sporty. Much happier academically.
I was quiet so just had a few good friends and was a never prefect or head girl.

Nannarose Tue 12-Apr-22 09:45:29

Interested that you put those 2 attributes together - as my answers are; yes & no.
I too am very unco-ordinated and useless at all sports except swimming.
Yes, there was the sporty group, but popularity wasn't confined to them. Oddly, I seem to have spent my life being myself, not conforming to trends, but still seem to always have plenty of friends, and would describe myself still as 'popular' wherever I have lived and worked.

I have a very great friend of many years' standing - but we were not at school together - who I have found out always felt the 'outsider' at school. Our friendship has been tested when I have seen her attempt to court popularity with what she thinks are the 'in-crowd' (they're not!)

Nannarose Tue 12-Apr-22 09:46:43

Wanted to add - well done Oopsadaisy! It's one thing to be 'popular' but another to have that sort of recognition from your peers.

annodomini Tue 12-Apr-22 09:49:29

Always a bit overweight and usually near the top of the class in the subjects I liked - not Maths, unfortunately. But, I loved playing hockey, could make up a four for tennis, though not specially skilled. Was I popular? Not with everyone, but I had plenty of friends and never short of company to go for a swim or a bike ride. In my experience, many of the girls (can't speak for the boys) who were clever were also good at games. The two are not mutually exclusive.

luluaugust Tue 12-Apr-22 09:57:46

I was slightly underweight and small for my age so was never picked for any of the school teams, couldn't walk on the bars or jump over a horse so hated the whole thing. Funny that I was really good at cricket when my brother and his friends dragged me in to make up the numbers! I had friends to sit with and talk to but never enjoyed school at all.