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Were you popular and sporty in school?

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biglouis Tue 12-Apr-22 01:07:46

I was a swotty kid and hated sport. There were other subjects I did not particularly enjoy (maths, science. housecraft) but was around the middle of the bunch in my class. I was always slow and clumsy at sport.

I especially hated the way the two most sporty girls were named team captains and had to pick their teams turn and turn about.

Yes - I was always the one left standing at the end.

In contrast my sister was good at sport but not academic. Her life was made difficult because she was not top of the class.

When I was 14 the following conversation took place:-

Sports teacher: your not interested in sport are you Biglouis?

Me: No miss, Im not good at it and I dont see the point

Sports teacher: You cant go through life ignoring the things you dont like Biglouis

Me: Look Miss, Im top of the class in 5 academic subjects and its those I will be putting down on the application forms when I look for a job. Im going to be going into the civil servise or one of the professions. Im not looking for a job as a sports teacher,

Sports teacher: youve got an answer for everything Biglouis. Your a cheeky girl.

Me: no miss, you asked me a question and I answered you.

In spite of being top of the class and always representing my house in various competitions (and mostly winning) I was never chosen as a prefect. I suspect that not being "popular and sporty" had something to do with that.

mamaa Sat 16-Apr-22 10:17:52

Loved PE played for the school hockey and badminton teams. Was fairly academic but not a swot- hated exams and had major panic attacks days before taking them.
Think it stemmed from having it drummed into us that 'O' levels were the most important set of exams we'd ever take as they were our stepping stones to a 'successful' future.
After I'd taken my 'O' levels the panic subsided to an almost 'laissez-faire' attitude by the time I sat my finals at uinversity!

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 16-Apr-22 20:22:23

I was neither sporty, nor academic nor was I popular! At primary school I was generally top of the class, then I had Scarlet Fever, back at school I decided I just couldn't concentrate, but it turned out I couldn't hear very well, no one noticed my problem so I just fell behind more and more. I eventually decided I had to leave home, ironically as a Post Office telephonist (I had no idea I had a hearing problem) in London, I loved the job. My dad was disappointed I didn't fo to university and do medicine - his dream, mine was to work in a dress factory and start with pattern cutting, but dad wouldn't have his daughter working in factory. I now acknowledge I am deaf and wonder what life would have been like if only we had known!!

Florencelady Sun 17-Apr-22 20:59:21

I loved team sports and did pretty well at that in school. My friend hated team sport. But as we got older and too old for teams she took up cycling and hiking long distances. Now in out 60s she is the most active and the fittest. I struggled to continue an active life, missing the team element. I do gym and some walking. Sometimes l think it's easier long term to be a solo player.

grannyactivist Mon 18-Apr-22 00:12:42

At Junior School I was never popular, but I was well liked by pupils and teachers and I flourished academically, as well as being an accomplished all rounder. I loved school and would have lived there if I could.

At Grammar School I was an oddity for all sorts of reasons to do with my home life, my out-of-date uniform, prolonged absences from school etc.- and I hated sports because of the endless opportunities it provided to expose me to ridicule and petty bullying.

Cassy0110 Mon 11-Jul-22 08:55:31

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