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FINA bans trans swimmers

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tickingbird Mon 20-Jun-22 08:35:19

A just and brave decision and kudos to Sharron Davies who has been an ardent campaigner for this. If a trans swimmer has been through puberty they aren’t allowed to compete in women’s competitions. It’s a start.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 20-Jun-22 08:56:31

I have been following Sharon Davies throughout, a sensible decision by FINA.
Looking forward to other sports following their lead.

Smileless2012 Mon 20-Jun-22 09:02:47

Let's hope that this is the beginning and that other sports will follow.

Chocolatelovinggran Mon 20-Jun-22 09:35:24

Good for them in tackling this thorny problem. Hopefully this will start an informed and sensible debate in other sports.

henetha Mon 20-Jun-22 09:38:10

Thank goodness common sense has prevailed.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 20-Jun-22 09:39:47

I too hope that this is just the start. It is, after all, simply about ensuring fairness, dare I say a level playing field. Though I'm sure many will shout transphobia.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 20-Jun-22 09:44:19


I too hope that this is just the start. It is, after all, simply about ensuring fairness, dare I say a level playing field. Though I'm sure many will shout transphobia.

Not just fairness but safety.

timetogo2016 Mon 20-Jun-22 09:44:44

Great news,common sense prevails at last.

TwiceAsNice Mon 20-Jun-22 09:45:59

This is common sense in the making. Transwomen who have gone through puberty will forever have an unfair physical advantage . Nobody is saying they should not transition and live their lives without bigotry , it’s about being fair to women who will always be living in their original biological sex

Kalu Mon 20-Jun-22 09:46:18

At last, the voice of reason has been heard. Well done FINA
Surely other sports must follow this lead.

MacCavity2 Mon 20-Jun-22 10:09:06

Very encouraged to read this. Hope more sports follow.

halfpint1 Mon 20-Jun-22 10:12:57

So glad to see this decision and I hope they do something about the competitions that trans swimmers have already done as it distorts the winning speeds for the other women swimmers to beat

Aveline Mon 20-Jun-22 10:13:23

Swimming leads the way. Surely now other sports will see how sensible this decision is.

Gongoozler Mon 20-Jun-22 10:14:33

Good news. The above posts sum it up completely.

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Jun-22 10:16:41

They haven't actually banned trans swimmers - they said they intended to make an open category I think. I believe ehat they said was that trans women will not be able to join the "womens" categories if they transitioned after 12. I have no idea if there are any trans men competing at the lower levels or what this may mean to them.

aggie Mon 20-Jun-22 10:17:24

Maybe a separate competition would be one way ? Trans are athletes so need a new category?

Aveline Mon 20-Jun-22 10:21:40

That's what they're having

BlueBelle Mon 20-Jun-22 10:41:02

As it should be I hope the trans don’t all says they stated transition before 12 to get out of it I think it should nt have an age limit… that confuses things and makes no difference
My young athletic grandson at the age of 12 had the body of a young man and the strength of an ox

Rosie51 Mon 20-Jun-22 11:01:51

While I welcome the ruling I think it is safer to say born male sex you can never compete in the female category. By saying that puberty blockers to halt the production of testosterone have to have started before age 12 is just going to encourage child transition. No child is capable of making such a huge decision. Any puberty blockers taken at tanner stage 2 or earlier will result in sterility, and probably loss of any sexual function.
We're hearing more and more about abuse of children in sports, the UK gymnast story has recently surfaced. There will be unscrupulous coaches willing to implement any measure to gain success, and that will include transitioning young children.
Of course sport should be for everyone who wishes to participate so there will need to be an open category that is inclusive of transwomen and transmen. An immediate solution is two classes, female only and open. More refined solutions can be worked out as time goes by.

MiniMoon Mon 20-Jun-22 11:10:19

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks we need a third category for sporting events.
Men's Women's and Trans.
Seems to me that it's the fairest way.

BlueBelle Mon 20-Jun-22 11:11:34

Absolutely and the trans would probably be empty as my feeling is they want to compete against women to beat them

Yammy Mon 20-Jun-22 11:16:16

Good news I hope other Sports follow.
In the wider family, we have a member who was about to start treatment at the Tavistock a few years ago. Luckily their parents persuaded them to wait. They are now in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex and planning their wedding.

Smileless2012 Mon 20-Jun-22 11:26:02

That clearly demonstrates why it's wrong to rush into a life changing decision Yammy.

Doodledog Mon 20-Jun-22 11:39:09

Agreed, MiniMoon (and with your comment, BlueBelle).

Angryfeminist Thu 25-Aug-22 11:41:29

For those interested FiLiA organise the largest annual Feminist Conference in Europe. They have sessions on Women in Sport this year. it is being held in Cardiff, runs for 3 days, 22-24 October. Tickets on sale now