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Wimbledon 2022!

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JenniferEccles Mon 27-Jun-22 10:46:41

I always look forward to Wimbledon fortnight and I have even been known to plan our holiday around it!
Slightly unusual this year for a variety of reasons and I am very sad that it will be Sue Barker’s last year. I have always enjoyed her calm sensible comments.

ixion Mon 27-Jun-22 10:54:14

Yup - ready for the off here!

ginny Mon 27-Jun-22 11:07:21

I plan my holiday around Wimbledon too. I always try to be away ! ?

JenniferEccles Mon 27-Jun-22 11:11:05

I have a nice simple dinner planned for this evening, which will be the order of the day for the next fortnight!
It takes me back to my childhood, coming home from school to find my mum, who got me interested in tennis, sitting in the living room with the curtains pulled against the sun, telling me that dinner will be salad (again)!

JenniferEccles Mon 27-Jun-22 11:12:30

ginny ?
I do understand as I’m like that about the ubiquitous football!

J52 Mon 27-Jun-22 12:07:26

Got my cushion, sunscreen, hat, barley water, strawberries and cream ready. ??

Luckygirl3 Mon 27-Jun-22 12:25:06

It's raining there!!!

sodapop Mon 27-Jun-22 12:30:11

Usual question for this time of year, why is Wimbledon on BBC 1 & 2 at the same time. Think its time for me to look at Netflix again or the other available channels

ginny Mon 27-Jun-22 13:01:40

Jennifereccles I’m afraid I can’t stand watching any sport. Luckily I enjoy various hobbies , so can always get away from it. Although I do sometimes wonder why I pay my license fee for some of the year.

JenniferEccles Mon 27-Jun-22 13:12:06

We are about 20 miles south west of Wimbledon and the rain seems to have moved away as it’s now sunny.
Hopefully the roof won’t need to be on too long.

JenniferEccles Mon 27-Jun-22 13:16:17

I see your point ginny
Tv schedules do often seem to be dominated by sport.
Tennis is the only one I like and I only tend to watch Wimbledon and the pre-Wimbledon grass court tournaments.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Jun-22 13:36:06


I always look forward to Wimbledon fortnight and I have even been known to plan our holiday around it!
Slightly unusual this year for a variety of reasons and I am very sad that it will be Sue Barker’s last year. I have always enjoyed her calm sensible comments.

I feel the same about Sue. A sad day. I am also that mum too! Got quick easy meals for the next 2 weeks.

It was my English teacher in the first year of secondary school who influenced me. She was a bit of a dragon but I always got on well with her. Our Friday afternoon lesson coincided with the ladies final as it did in those days. It was Evonne Goolagong who had bounced on to the scene and playing in her first final that thanks to Miss R we watched on TV.
We saw a different side to the teacher ooh and ah ing at the rallies etc! I was hooked and loved the game ever since.

LadyGracie Mon 27-Jun-22 13:46:58

We are blessed by having no satellite signal at the moment. smile

Urmstongran Mon 27-Jun-22 13:51:40

I’m with you ginny I hate all sports on tv. ?
I read that Robinson’s cordial are not sponsoring Wimbledon any more. The end of an era indeed.

Auntieflo Mon 27-Jun-22 14:00:02

Also with you Ginny, and all others who really dislike watching sport .

Why oh why, does it have to be on BBC1 and BBC2 at the same time?

Pittcity Mon 27-Jun-22 14:48:46

I love Wimbledon and won tickets in the ballot for 2020......we are going next Wednesday ?

Pittcity Mon 27-Jun-22 14:49:35

I don't understand why it has to dominate both channels when we can easily choose what to watch on iPlayer.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 27-Jun-22 14:53:36

Lucky you Pittcity I am so jealous! You will have a great day.
I’ve been twice the last time in 2017 but no luck in the ballot since. I’m in London overnight tomorrow. It’s a last minute tagging along with DH who’s had business meetings cancelled. Currently looking at silly prices for last minute tickets. Decisions …

Jaxjacky Mon 27-Jun-22 14:56:07

Finished watching the cricket, I’ll watch some tennis, not my favourite sport, six weeks to wait for football (premier league).

Honeysuckleberries Mon 27-Jun-22 15:21:09

I love Wimbledon but who is the new presenter? She is awful, stuttering and umming and erring constantly. She seems to have little knowledge too. Is it another case of box ticking by the beeb?
Also waiting for the matches to be switched between bbc1 and bbc2 on a frequent basis.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Jun-22 15:34:15

Sue Barker is commentating
However, I'm feeling grumpy. Djokovic just won another set.

Streaky Mon 27-Jun-22 16:55:30

Anyone watching Raducanu? I am but I’m more interested in listening to the umpire, he has a wonderful deep voice, a bit like James Earl Jones.

TillyTrotter Mon 27-Jun-22 17:01:13

I’m watching Streaky and will see as many matches as I can in the next 2 weeks ? ?

H1954 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:03:29

I would sooner stick pins in my eyes than watch Wimbledon! I hated tennis at school but back then we HAD to play it. The Games Mistress was a keen tennis player and openly favoured all those in her classes that were good at it or interested in it.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Jun-22 17:07:38

Perhaps you or I should start a new thread about Wimbledon for those who might enjoy it?

We could leave this thread for those who aren't so keen and can chat away about why?