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Sunny82z Sun 04-Dec-22 23:48:29

Has anybody been watching the football?

Callistemon21 Sun 18-Dec-22 17:49:29


Daughter-in-law cooking that one Calli, phew


DS is cooking ours.
No-one's cooking tonight, so far.

I do feel sorry for the goalies.

Kalu Sun 18-Dec-22 17:49:43


Kalu Sun 18-Dec-22 17:52:59


LauraNorderr Sun 18-Dec-22 17:53:32

Writing the menu, feet up, yum

Joseanne Sun 18-Dec-22 17:53:53


Callistemon21 Sun 18-Dec-22 17:55:49


Writing the menu, feet up, yum


Well, it's all over!

Blossoming Sun 18-Dec-22 17:58:58

I shall have to lie down, too much excitement. Pleased for the Argentinian team, they’ve played some great football throughout the competition.

MayBee70 Sun 18-Dec-22 18:25:27

Wonder how much Mbappe is worth now!

Kim19 Sun 18-Dec-22 18:33:13

What an incredible game. I'm lying back here totally exhausted.

MayBee70 Sun 18-Dec-22 18:34:48

Finals are usually a let down aren’t they. Not this time!

Jaxjacky Sun 18-Dec-22 18:35:00

Mbappe has the golden boot.
Good game second half onwards, well done all, pleased for Messi, his last World Cup.

MayBee70 Sun 18-Dec-22 21:45:07

And we won the fair play award which I’m quite proud of.