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Competitive female cycling events reserved for females

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Mollygo Fri 26-May-23 11:04:29

Transgender women will be banned from competing in British Cycling’s competitive women’s events in changes that will see the men’s category become an open one.

Callistemon21 Fri 26-May-23 11:43:59

Some common sense is beginning to be applied in women's sports at last.

Smileless2012 Fri 26-May-23 11:49:15

Good news and the more sporting organisations use their common sense and see the cheating that goes on when transgender women compete against women, the better.

MerylStreep Fri 26-May-23 11:50:30

Yeh 😄 👏👏👏👏
The fight back has started

BeverleyJB Fri 26-May-23 12:02:58

Great news. Although that odious, narcissistic man who calls himself“Emily” Bridges has already said it's a “violent act” and that he is having to plan to leave the country.
Good riddance I say - go and find somewhere else that will let you be a cheat and a fraud!

Freya5 Fri 26-May-23 12:04:16

Excellent news. Commonsense rules at last. Will someone tell Ed Davey.

Smileless2012 Fri 26-May-23 12:08:44

Shall we help him pack?

SueDonim Fri 26-May-23 12:09:42

Quite right, too. It’s the most sensible way. Let’s hope it’s extended to all sports and at all levels, not just the elites.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-May-23 12:26:15

Common sense prevails 👏👏👏

Let’s see all female sports now follow…

sodapop Fri 26-May-23 12:28:39

Spot on GrannyGravy and SueDonim👍

Callistemon21 Fri 26-May-23 15:04:23


Common sense prevails 👏👏👏

Let’s see all female sports now follow…

World Athletics led the way:

World Athletics (WA), the governing body for track and field and other running competitions, announced last month that transgender women who went through male puberty can no longer compete in women's events at international competitions. The policy took effect on 31 March.4 Apr 2023

It does not mean anyone is against people who are transgender competing on a level playing field (no pun intended).
It means that people dislike cheating.

karmalady Fri 26-May-23 15:15:39

yes oh yes, at last real women have a chance to reach the top in elite cycling. I am beyond happy

grandMattie Fri 26-May-23 15:21:31

Fantastic news. “People with cervixes” will be able to compete of a level playing field!

BlueBelle Fri 26-May-23 15:26:54

Thank goodness for that
He or others can spit their dummy’s out all they like

Bella23 Fri 26-May-23 15:43:28

A well thought out decision.

Joseann Fri 26-May-23 15:59:56

Good news.

Nanatoone Fri 26-May-23 16:12:54

Thank goodness for common sense at last. This whole debacle has been a joke at the expense of actual women. I couldn’t care less how people identify, that’s their issue not mine but giving a platform to the extremists has not been beneficial to trans people. I have read so much about children having puberty blockers and mutilating operations that I believe we have become a sick society: It’s time that the majority fought back. I feel incredibly strongly about this, it’s cheating.

Jaxjacky Fri 26-May-23 16:33:30


tickingbird Fri 26-May-23 16:36:13

About time

Primrose53 Fri 26-May-23 17:28:17

Sensible news

Jalyn Fri 26-May-23 17:32:30

Not before time!!

TerriBull Fri 26-May-23 17:39:23

Good news for a female sporting event.

I felt sorry for the woman who got shafted by coming 2nd in her Parkrun the other day, glad she spoke out about it. Training hard for such an event only to be trounced by a male bodied person was very unfair.

Foxygloves Fri 26-May-23 17:44:57

Quite right too. The clue is in the title Women’s Events
It’s about time some common sense was allowed to prevail. By all means run separate Transgender Women’s events, but to mix my metaphor, let it be an even playing field.

Riverwalk Fri 26-May-23 17:48:14

A sensible decision that's fair to women competitors.

garnet25 Fri 26-May-23 17:49:09

Fantastic, about time.