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Anyone watching Queens Tournament?

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specki4eyes Sun 25-Jun-23 14:37:48

I've been wondering watching this, what's with the strange shorts design by Nike? They have sort of pelmets on the back in fabric coordinating with the t shirt. It looks really weird and possibly uncomfortable, imo. De Minaur currently playing in final wearing a normal tennis outfit.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 25-Jun-23 14:47:49

Various players have worn them all week.

The Spanish boy is one to watch I think.

PamelaJ1 Sun 25-Jun-23 17:08:53

I watched today and was there on Tuesday when they played.
I think those two are worth watching.
They are very entertaining.
I was hoping that the other one would win but like them both.

Caramme Sun 25-Jun-23 17:59:38

I agree that the shorts look very odd. Tennis has been great though. BBC is televising the Ladies from Eastbourne next week too.

Bellasnana Sun 25-Jun-23 18:12:44

I’m a tennis addict and watch as many tournaments as I can so I have enjoyed watching Queens this week.

I have to agree with you regarding the Nike outfits. To me they look as though someone had a job lot of stripy curtain material to use up and went a bit mad with it! They look ‘homemade’ and not very smart.

Roll on Wimbledon when they will all look a vision in white!😂

Shez1955 Mon 26-Jun-23 00:10:13

Yes weird but tennis has been good.