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QVC - a warning!

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MawBroonsback Sun 16-Jun-19 12:07:34

I hate shops but I love clothes (and shoes and handbags...)
I do a fair bit on the Internet - Joules and Sahara mostly, but also Dune, Woolovers and EAST back in the day.
And ........QVC who I thought were great once I realised they stock better brands and not just cheap multicoloured nylon tent shaped garments.
They also have an unconditional 30 day returns policy - whether worn or in brand new condition with labels .
Or so I thought.
But it seems I have overstepped their limit for returns, largely on account of a few pairs of shoes purchased recently which were advertised as wide fitting (Rieker and Vionic ) but which turned our to be extremely uncomfortable. NB I have only ever returned items in brand new saleable condition, complete with labels and packaging as I am entitled to under Consumer legislation and have never taken advantage of their 30 day business.
In every programme they encourage customers to “give (something) a try, you can always take advantage of the 30 day returns policy”.
Yeah right.
A rather sniffy letter yesterday advised me that if I did not reduce my % returns, they might need to terminate my account.
Simples, I shall reduce the number of returns by not buying anything in future!
Be aware. smile

GabriellaG54 Mon 17-Jun-19 16:18:46

A lot of QVC stuff from clothes to electricals to hair and make-up...everything across the board, can be sourced more cheaply elsewhere than on QVC and they're exactly the same items.
I bought a £4k ring some years ago and got it valued at 2 different independent jewellers The difference was over £2k less.

Jane43 Fri 21-Jun-19 19:33:00

There is a QVC outlet store near us. Some of the stock is discontinued lines and some is returns. Some of the shoes that have been returned have to be seen to be believed. They look as if they have been worn non-stop for 30 days and a haven for verrucas. People do seem to buy them though because they are a lot cheaper than the recommended price.

Francis Mon 24-Jun-19 21:05:04

maw broon I completely feel your frustration. I had a similar experience a few weeks ago with QVC. I will never buy from them again.