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PinkCosmos Fri 09-Jul-21 11:46:57

Do you think it is appropriate the wear the currently fashionable ditsy dresses when you are 60+ and not slim.

By ditsy I mean the all over floral patterns that are everywhere at the moment. I have attached a random image from the internet for a visual

I am 5'4" tall and a good size 18 and worried that they will make me look like an over stuffed sofa if I am not careful. Are they more ageing when you are older? Will I end up looking like Ena Sharples in her pinny?

On a positive note, I do think an all over pattern can hide lumps and bumps better than a plain pattern

I don't like the dresses with the deep frill at the bottom as I think they these look a bit like nightdresses smile

One of the newsreaders wears a lovely one but she is tall and slim. I can't remember her name.

What do you think ?

Lucca Fri 09-Jul-21 11:50:54

I have two Zara dresses of this sort of shape but with three quarter sleeves (don’t like my wobbly arms) one has spots and one has flowers, both have been much admired. I’m 71 5’3” and size 12-14.
You should not look like a sofa as long as the dresses are loose fitting and the pattern is not too big (or maybe that’s just me that looks awful in big patterns)

Kestrel Fri 09-Jul-21 11:52:14

I'd say go for it - a dress with a small pattern can help skim over any lumps and bumps and elongate the figure a bit

PinkCosmos Fri 09-Jul-21 11:52:55

* plain fabric not plain pattern

timetogo2016 Fri 09-Jul-21 11:56:17

Go for it PinkCosmos.
I am thinking of doing the same.

Daisend1 Fri 09-Jul-21 11:56:33

You need to be comfortable /confident in what you are wearing
It is immaterial/ important what others think/like /dislike.

Lucca Fri 09-Jul-21 11:57:36

There lots on the simplybe website

dragonfly46 Fri 09-Jul-21 11:58:59

I have just bought one and the white plimsolls to go with it.

Namsnanny Fri 09-Jul-21 12:02:16

I love that look dragonfly46

Sarnia Fri 09-Jul-21 12:08:27

There are loads of these dresses around at the moment. I bought a couple from Tesco this summer and even at 5'3" and size 22 I feel comfortable in them. I have also reached the age where I don't care about other people's opinions. grin

Kate1949 Fri 09-Jul-21 12:09:52

I think it's appropriate to wear whatever you want to wear as long as you are comfortable.

ElderlyPerson Fri 09-Jul-21 12:28:14

I am male.

If one looks at clothes for men they are usually drab and little choice, browns, greys and so on.

For women's fashions, women get lots of choice.

The only time I remember men's fashion being good was around 1971 with the paisley shirts and the white shirts with the small abstract colouful motifs on them.

Then back to plain stuff.

My opinion is that there is far too much prejudicial comment about what women should wear. For example, that a tall woman should not wear vertical stripes because they will make her look taller, or that she should not wear high heels because she is tall. Or purport that older women should wear a dowdy 1930s elderly lady style.

I say that if a lady wants to make choices for herself then do it, people who make those so-called rules should not interfere in other people's choices.

So in my opinion if you feel you would like to wear a smart colourful floral-pattered dress, then my view for what if anything it is worth, is to do so.

For me, what makes a woman attractive is a kind attitude to people, never sarcastic, never rude, never nasty, looking like she has made an effort to look smart and well-groomed, and forthright in sticking up for what she believes and not being willing to be put upon. Her height, her girth, her age, whether she is good looking in a magazine editor conventional way does not come into it.

I hope this helps.

Flexagon Fri 09-Jul-21 12:28:36

I haven't worn dresses in years but after spending lockdown in sweatshirts and leggings, I wanted a change. I've bought a selection of Next's linen floral sleeveless shift dresses and am loving my new look. They look good teamed with waterfall cardigans.

grannyactivist Fri 09-Jul-21 12:52:46

I’m the same size, but an inch shorter PinkCosmos, and I’ve just bought this dress from Mistral. I’m often given gift cards and our local Department Store (yes, we still have one of those in our town) stocks all my favourite brands.

My usual ‘go to’ are the charity shops, so it feels a bit OTT to buy new dresses, but I do like many of the current styles.

Polly12 Fri 09-Jul-21 12:58:33

My advice would be to try some on. Some clothes look a lot better on the hanger than they do on me! In principle, I’d say go for it, if, having tried it, it makes you feel good.

I’m dithering about buying this short dress / tunic, which I’d wear with jeggings or leggings now, tights in the autumn. But would I look as if I’m trying to be a student…….. (I’m 72, size 14, 5’7”)

Blossoming Fri 09-Jul-21 13:07:17

Go for it, I’m short and ‘pleasantly plump’ and have a few ditsy dresses. Being a shrimp I look overwhelmed by big patterns so ditsy ones are fine.

My favourites are from FatFace and Weird Fish. I love dresses with pockets and both these brands usually have them,

MerylStreep Fri 09-Jul-21 13:11:14

I think you need to get out and see what’s around.

MerylStreep Fri 09-Jul-21 13:12:27

One of my OHs favourite casual shirts.

Lin52 Fri 09-Jul-21 13:13:21

Absolutely you should, I love them, light cool very summery. Only with three quarter sleeves for me though.
Enjoy and wear with panache.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 09-Jul-21 14:04:55

What a nice post from Elderly Person, good to hear a gentleman’s views. If I were you PinkCosmos, if you try one of these dresses on and it’s comfy, that’s all that matters and you’ll enjoy wearing it. Nice and cool on hot days (assuming we get some ...). No need to worry about age or size appropriate so long as it’s not a low cut ‘pelmet’!

Elderly Person, there seem to be quite a lot of very attractive patterned men’s shirts around at present and plain shirts with patterned collars. Take a look at the Charles Tyrwhitt website for example, I’m sure you could find something nice that you would enjoy wearing.

Fernbergien Sat 10-Jul-21 12:56:21

Ladies love this forum. So positive. Have bought three dresses from QVC. Go into dresses. Put max at £25. And you might be luckylike me. Lucky shopping. 10/12 is usually small. 12/ 14 is usually medium. They have sale at moment.

JenniferEccles Sat 10-Jul-21 22:55:27

I think whatever a person’s size the most flattering dresses are those with a clearly defined waist, rather than the loose fitting shapeless styles.

valdali Sat 10-Jul-21 23:07:47

I wear loose fitting shapeless dresses, I agree I probably look slimmer in fitted dresses, but I just love that look. Even better if I was 6" taller, but as people have said, wear what you love & are comfortable in.

Lucca Sun 11-Jul-21 03:56:55


I think whatever a person’s size the most flattering dresses are those with a clearly defined waist, rather than the loose fitting shapeless styles.

Not me. There’s a difference between dresses with a waist and “shapeless’ !

BlueBelle Sun 11-Jul-21 05:55:05

You re looking in the wrong places elderly there are loads of ‘wild’ patterned men’s shirts around in fact I think men’s fashion (apart from city shirts) is very colourful these days

I have just bought a pair of baggy cotton dungarees which I was very unsure of ( thinking I m too old) but I absolutely love them and love the look
Go for what takes your fancy