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tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:13:02

I have naturally curly hair and I have been straightening it since I was a teenager. I’ve always preferred the shiny sleek look to the curly frizz, not that it didn’t curl and frizz the minute it was damp or humid out. The last few years I’ve been straightening it less and now for the last few months not at all.

I’ve also not had it cut for 18mths apart from a trim so it’s longer and in better condition but it’s fine for the first day after washing but then it starts to look dry and frizzier.
I’ve been watching videos on curly hair care but they recommend so many products I’m left confused and wonder if any of the curly ladies here could tell me what they use to keep the curl in shape. In fact I’m now reading it’s apparently all the fashion along with letting the grey come to let your curls do their thing. I’ll try and post pics to show you the difference I’d appreciate any input thanks.

Itsnell Wed 06-Oct-21 09:22:31

I’m a bit late for the party. I have thick curly wavy hair - it was once wavy and seems to have become curlier as I’ve got older - has this happened to anyone else?

I’m struggling to find a good hairdresser who doesn’t straighten it, razor it, cut it all off or get it uneven. They all tell me I’ve got lovely hair then proceed to make a mess of it. What’s wrong with hairdressers nowadays? Don’t they know how to cut hair?? Can anyone recommend one in East Midlands - or the West Midlands, even? .

I try to find someone who has curly hair themselves and is an older stylist as they have probably been taught how to cut curly wavy hair.

I’m reading all your posts there’s some great advice and am going to try out the products etc

Shinamae Wed 22-Sep-21 23:55:36


Oh how I wish! A little bend would do but no, dead straight!! I spend a long time every morning just trying to get a little curl and before I am downstairs it's dropped to straight. Embrace your curls ladies, I would love some.

And I spend every morning straightening mine! 🥴

Babbawabba Wed 22-Sep-21 23:48:56

I have always hated my naturally curly hair. It looks sleek and sophisticated in a straight bob. I would die without my electric straighteners. My treat is to have it straightened by a shampoo and blow dry at the hairdressers once a week.
I find that to use a combination of anti frizz setting lotion and Argan oil works best. It is very thick, probably helped because I take the HRT mixed pill. I might get cancer but at least I have great hair. Only joking..

Lilypops Wed 22-Sep-21 23:22:17

I have curly hair too that I have to straighten ,if I go out in damp weather my hair just frizzes up especially my fringe,
I have started using a hot air styler to try to give lift and tame the waves, but can anyone recommend a product I can spray on to hold the style whilst using the hot air brush ,

Gretag Sun 19-Sep-21 21:10:08

I've recently converted to being curly at 54, and like you I've been overwhelmed by all the differing information on the internet.

I would highly recommend reading the original book Curly Girl (I borrowed it from the library). It explains everything very clearly (and you can always take photos of the important pages so you don't forget anything!)

Audi10 Sat 18-Sep-21 17:51:02

I have poker straight hair naturally which is now fine, goodness knows where my thick hair has disappeared to, I have tried literally everything to make it have a bit more volume but no such luck, it’s very interesting that vit D deficiency can lead to hair probs, I don’t ever remember having the levels checked

Madgran77 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:52:25

Best curly hair product in my view is the Aveda Be Curly Range. The Curl Enhancer which you rub through wet hair and leave in is brilliant. Shampoo and Conditioner also nice. I leave mine to dry naturally usually but I do spend out on a very good cut.

kissngate Fri 17-Sep-21 16:40:48

My usual HD has broken her arm so had to find a replacement. I didnt think it was possible to make such a hash of cutting it but it is. Even my other half who never comments thinks it's a mess. Looks like someone with bad eyesight has been at it with hedge loppers. Thought it may look better once I washed it but no. Its made me appreciate just how good my HD is at dealing curls.

Magrithea Mon 30-Aug-21 14:37:40

My DD has been doing the Curly Girl method of caring for her curls for a few years now and her hair is gorgeous! As a teenager she straightened it but after the far too early death of a close friend who had fabulous curly hair she stopped that and embraced the curl

Susiewakie Wed 25-Aug-21 15:15:15

I think both look great .The sleeker one maybe for out out ! I use John freida dream curls shampoo and conditioner. I grew out my layers in lockdown and don't trust new hairdresser to relayer it .So only really curly if leave it to dry naturally. Otherwise the ends start fizzing after a blow dry I use serum to try and look sleeker

Beechnut Wed 25-Aug-21 07:58:21


Do most of you curly ladies have your hair layered? Mine is wavy and all one length but I am considering having it layered to make it more curly. Would that work?

My hair is curly and I have it layered. It looks better on me.

Beanie654321 Wed 25-Aug-21 05:57:33

I've started using Aussie shampoo products and I must admit they help keep the frizz at bay most of the time. It smells amazing too. My hair is thin, natural curly and frizzy in places. It doesn't go as dry as before.

CSW52 Wed 25-Aug-21 00:06:35

Hi Tabitha I have your hair but not as nice😁I have had straight hair all my life but in recent years I have developed wavy/curly hair. I have watched all the curly girl method videos ad nauseum 😁
I have found that Only Curls styling cream and gel suit my hair. The smell -I have bought products and felt unwell with the strong smell wafting around my face-is delicate and subtle and once on I don’t notice it. I have their t shirt towel too and I put in the products using curly girl method and scrunch with the towel. I then diffuse gently a bit and then let it air dry. It does get frizzier and drier each day so I use some oil and work it through to get 3 -4 days between washes.
I use Olaplex when I have had highlights v sparingly as it’s expensive. I use curly girl approved creamy shampoos and conditioners to moisturise hair when washing
Your hair is lovely - hope some of this helps

Tickledpink Tue 24-Aug-21 23:57:00

I’m curly too, hated it at school, everyone else seemed to have straight hair except me! I’m told I’m lucky to have curls. I use mousse, gel and let it dry naturally most of the time (unless a special occasion) although I did straighten it last week for the first time in ages. I do think it can look untidy curly sometimes and when I worked I straightened it to look more groomed. I’m lucky I haven’t gone grey yet and when I do I might straighten it again or colour it, will cross that bridge...

Harmonypuss Tue 24-Aug-21 23:49:27

In my (much) younger years I hated my natural hair, mainly straight but with a bit of a fringe-wave, so I had perms, used curling brushes/tongs to give me some curls.
About 25yrs ago I decided it was best to just accept that I didn't have curls and stopped doing anything but colouring it (to cover the greys).
About 5yrs ago when my menopause started I began to notice that when my hair was wet it would bounce into some sort of curl which did get a bit frizzy on day 2.
Ever since then I've washed and conditioned with John Frieda Frizz ease products and in between washes I use
a combination of (the same brand) featherlight smoothing creme, daily miracle leave in conditioner and dream curls styling spray.
I actually mix the conditioner and styling spray with water together in a bottle (33:33:33), spray liberally on dry/brushed hair, finger-comb it through then add a little of the smoothing creme to avoid the frizz.
It works for me, can't say what it'll do for anyone else though as everyone's hair is different.

NotTooOld Tue 24-Aug-21 22:52:08

Do most of you curly ladies have your hair layered? Mine is wavy and all one length but I am considering having it layered to make it more curly. Would that work?

Mancjules Tue 24-Aug-21 22:51:08

Been curly from my youth in the spirit of Stevie Nicks - to my shorter style at 65 years old. I have low lights to temper the white coming thru...lots of layers too. Long live us curly girlie's!

Thirdinline Tue 24-Aug-21 22:30:10

Hi! I’ve always worn my curly hair curly. If I use shampoo, I use a Faith in Nature one, as they don’t have silicon in. Mostly I co wash, which means just wash hair using conditioner. My favourite is Lush Candy Rain, or Retread. I blot with a towel, comb with a wide tooth comb & allow to dry naturally. When the front strands begin to go wispy, I rub Lush R&B curly hair moisturiser into it, then allow it to finish drying naturally. If the weather is humid, or drizzly, it starts going frizzy. I can’t control the weather, but can I control my hair by applying Lush Super Milk. This way I only need to wash it about once a week. Hope this helps!

kissngate Tue 24-Aug-21 19:13:40

Quite a few years ago after numerous issues with my curly hair I stumbled across the British Curlies Forum. To say it was helpful is an understatement although it took around six months for my hair to look good. Dont think BCF is on line anymore although may be on facebook. Naturally Curly is another forum based in America which gives out great info. It's best to know which curl you have and if its porous (ie mine dries in five mins yours may not) and how much elasticity you hold. It's no use me recommending any products as one product doesnt fit all. For example products with coconut are supposed to help but it didnt take me long to discover my hair hates coconut. What I will say is dont buy any hair products containing sulphates or parabens. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month, always after washing blot wet curly hair with a cotton rag, I cut up an old cotton t shirt and use that to avoid fizz. While still wet I put a few drops of natural argan oil on my hands and scrunch it in. In dry weather I add a small amount of conditioner to a travel spray bottle top up with water and spray before leaving house. On holiday abroad its usually in my bag. I never use a hairdryer just let it dry natural after combing through with a bit of conditioner on a wide tooth afro comb to get out any knots. Once dry run my fingers through and that's it. Only ever wash once a week but every day at the end of a shower lightly throw water over. I dont co- wash as my hair didnt like it. My hairdresser cuts it in layers which helps with volume. I suggest before you throw money away buying products which dont work, do some research!

Grandmama Tue 24-Aug-21 19:12:13

My thick curls have been the envy of so many people and the bane of my life!!! In my teens (1960s) I longed for straight hair with a fringe. I spent a whole day wearing large rollers in the hope it would pull straight for a party that evening (it didn't work!). It's longish now but the sides will take a few more months to be long enough to pin up so a cut is on the cards, might ring hairdresser tomorrow. I don't have a hair dryer. I shampoo, condition and brush it and leave it to dry. I've tried about every sort of anti-frizz treatment, they've made no difference. Even Elnett won't hold it in place as it's so thick.

Thank you for this thread. It's helped me to get my hair-thing off my chest (!) and make up my mind to get my hair cut!

CBBL Tue 24-Aug-21 18:19:05

I have curly hair, but it is extremely fine! I hated it at school, but as I always had long hair, once a teenager (and older) could put it in a "updo" in a number of ways!

Sadly, as I got older, it became thinner and did not look good still being long - so at age 50, I had it cut short and keep it that way. My hair has always dried quickly, so I never needed a hair dryer. I still have a Babyliss hair curler, which I use (to provide volume) if I'm going out somewhere where I want/need to look good - but that's very rare now (even before Covid)!
My hair is mostly fine, except in mizzle or rain - when it still goes very "frizzy curly". It's more wavy now, rather than curly. John Frieda are the only products that worked for me some years ago, when I was still at work, and needed to look "smart/professional".

elleks Tue 24-Aug-21 17:43:19

Mine doesn't go frizzy as such, but I've been using John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner for years. It suits me very well.

seacliff Tue 24-Aug-21 17:35:57

After reading this thread yesterday I had another go at getting a curl. My hair is very thick, bushy, almost on my shoulders and slightly layered at the front.
Today I shampooed and conditioned it then plopped it with a cat blanket, (new) only available microfiber cloth . I squeezed in some argon oil then let it dry. It went very wavy at front, fringe looked awful, it was almost straight at back, assume because it's not layered. Looks a right mess. I wondered about rag rolling, as my hair takes a curl easily.

Roxy1195 Tue 24-Aug-21 17:01:21

My best matte has curly hair and she swears it’s is most manageable and how she likes it - unwashed - ie in its natural oils I guess. It never looks dirty but she doesn’t read it as regularly as I do mine. She also uses a diffuser to dry.

Treetops05 Tue 24-Aug-21 15:48:59

I've always had naturally curly hair that gets worse in damp or humid weather, if you find a cure please let me know...