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tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:13:02

I have naturally curly hair and I have been straightening it since I was a teenager. I’ve always preferred the shiny sleek look to the curly frizz, not that it didn’t curl and frizz the minute it was damp or humid out. The last few years I’ve been straightening it less and now for the last few months not at all.

I’ve also not had it cut for 18mths apart from a trim so it’s longer and in better condition but it’s fine for the first day after washing but then it starts to look dry and frizzier.
I’ve been watching videos on curly hair care but they recommend so many products I’m left confused and wonder if any of the curly ladies here could tell me what they use to keep the curl in shape. In fact I’m now reading it’s apparently all the fashion along with letting the grey come to let your curls do their thing. I’ll try and post pics to show you the difference I’d appreciate any input thanks.

tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:18:00

The straight hair is from 6mths ago

RomRoot Mon 23-Aug-21 13:19:41

I've just had my waist-length hair cut quite short, but not pixie.
There was hair all over the house, coming out in chunks, matting due to the frizziness and dry condition.
This was Thursday and I can't believe the difference.
I tried everything, even curly girl method and nothing worked. I could use every mask, treatment, or conditioner and first day fine after this forget it.
A good hair cut is essential without that thinning out thing they do, rather than cut the curls with scissors.

Dottygran59 Mon 23-Aug-21 13:24:05

OMG Tanith I LOVE your hair. Straight and curly. That’s it. Sorry. No advice just had to tell you

MerylStreep Mon 23-Aug-21 13:28:13

Green with envy at your lovely sleek look ?

lemongrove Mon 23-Aug-21 13:31:07

Tanith, that could be my hair ? I always straighten, looks so much better.Like you, I have allowed it to get longer during the last 18 months.I don’t use actual hair straighteners, but use a Babyliss hair dryer to dry it ( head downwards) then Babyliss Pro hot air styler ( 50 not 30 barrel) it straightens, styles and adds shine. I then use it each morning for a few mins, and that’s it, so easy to deal with ( as long as I can avoid damp weather!)

FannyCornforth Mon 23-Aug-21 13:31:11

Hello tanith
Thank you so much for starting this thread. I’m a new curly girl too.
I’ve mentioned this a few times on here. For about the past 10-15 years my hair was getting thinner and thinner. Basically, I was just falling out and not regrowing. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on every pill, potion and snake oil on the market. It must be well over a thousand pounds. The Summer of 2019 I was on the cusp of having a hair system.
Anyway, a blood test in Jan 2020 showed I had extremely low vitamin D. I had a prescription for a louding dose and now take vitamin D every day.
My hair is now as good as when I was in my teens; it is however wavy / curly (I can’t remember what type 3A, maybe?)
Like you, I looked into all the Curly Girl stuff, and I agree, it is bewildering.
I’m aware that this post is getting very long, and I need to do something productive around the house! I’ll come back later and tell you my ‘routine’.
I really look forward to hearing what other curlies use and do with their hair

tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:31:56

Thankyou both I too love the sleek look but it doesn’t stay that way and takes a while to straighten hence my decision to stop and of course you can’t see the wrinkly jowly face that goes with it. ??

Amberone Mon 23-Aug-21 13:35:00

I don't have curly hair, sorry, I wish I did ?

However, if your hair doesn't react to oils, masks one thing that might be worth considering is whether you use shampoos/conditioners containing silicones or keratins (almost all high street shampoos contain silicone). If that's the case it's possible your hair is overloaded with silicone, which will stop the masks having any effect. You could try a clarifying shampoo to remove the silicone, followed by a mask.

Soozikinzi Mon 23-Aug-21 13:35:02

I also have curly hair which is a pain always buying different stuff for it but I must say yours looks lovely either way

Cherrytree59 Mon 23-Aug-21 13:35:12

Lovely hair and coloursmile
Have you checked out
The Curly Girl Method uk ?
Sorry can't do links.

Maya1 Mon 23-Aug-21 13:35:52

Tanith you have beautiful hair. Looks lovely both ways.

I have curly hair that also goes frizzy. I like the Coco Loco products.
They have a sale on at the moment. They smell lovely and work well for curly hair and for straightening hair.

FannyCornforth Mon 23-Aug-21 13:36:19

Any heat styling is the worst thing that you can do to your hair. I haven’t used a dryer for over a year, I let it air dry. I did try drying with a diffuser, but it took ages and hurt my arm. It also made the frizz worse.

nanna8 Mon 23-Aug-21 13:38:40

Mine’s curly,too. Now I don’t mind it because it is thick but I detested it when I was younger and used to straighten it on those big heated rollers.

lemongrove Mon 23-Aug-21 13:38:50

Fanny, I have been using the dryer and styler for donkeys years, my hair is sleek and shiny, no problems at all.
I use any old shampoo and conditioner, whatever is on sale at the time.

tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:41:20

I use a clarifying shampoo once a fortnight and yes I do use some of the curly girl advice such as washing with my head down and drying by wrapping in a towel not rubbing and then drying naturally and finger separating but it’s all the products that confuse me they seem to pile it on using 2/3 different ones together.
I’ll be interested in you’re method FCf

travelsafar Mon 23-Aug-21 13:42:59

I love the pic of your naturally curly hair, i would love to have hair like that. Mine is wavy but not curly. I just blow dry and tie it up anyway but if i had the ccurls you have i would celibrate them.!!!

FannyCornforth Mon 23-Aug-21 13:43:23

Good for you lemon, I wouldn’t expect anything less than sleek and shiny smile
But you can’t heat style curly hair if you want it in its natural, feral form

Candelle Mon 23-Aug-21 13:52:37

My younger daughter swears by Philip Kingsley Elasiciser for her naturally very curly, longish hair and transforms it into a thing of beauty.

Obviously not used it personally but my daughter's hair does look unfrizzy and beautifully shiny.

We have had many many 'discussions' over the years about washing hair and then.... leaving it. My daughter is happy to wash and go, literally, with sopping wet hair, so perhaps this is a factor in a beautiful end result and she has been right after all!

Gymstagran Mon 23-Aug-21 13:53:00

I have curly hair. The cut is the most important thing. Try finding a hairdresser that specialises in doing curly hair. My current hairdresser has a Greek wife who has long very curly hair. The previous one used to cut it then blow dry to see how it fell and then styled it, she had very curly hair herself. When I wash mine I finger dry and use argan oil and a small amount of wax combined and use it again during the week . No brushing just scrunch it up with my hands. I wash it 2- 3 times a week after I've been to the gym. Sometimes I put oil in before the gym as it can be very dry.

lemongrove Mon 23-Aug-21 13:54:01

I don’t though looks so much better sleek and shiny.?

lemongrove Mon 23-Aug-21 13:58:28

If I wanted it to be curly then I would put a little nourishing mousse on, then use the gentle setting on the hairdryer with head downwards, then use a wide toothed comb to gently comb out and a little Elnett hair spray.I have done this when I wanted to wear it up.

tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:58:36

What’s a betting we get lots of ‘curly products’ adverts now ?

tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 14:03:46

lemongrove I have a diffuser attachment but it really doesn’t make much difference from finger and air drying in fact it stays in longer without the diffuser. I always use a wide tooth comb never a brush.

Grandmajean Mon 23-Aug-21 14:05:25

I have curly hair. I hated it in the 60s when everybody else seemed to have long straight hair - I used to put sellotape on my fringe ! I am happy with it now and keep it short ( nearly pixie as I am also tiny !) and use the gentle setting on the dryer while finger drying it. Agree with other posters that a good cut is essential. I have tried products for curly hair that were supposed to make it shine and separate but not had much success. Not heard of Curly Girl.