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Swimwear after surgery

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Grandmadinosaur Fri 14-Jan-22 12:12:55

I am looking for recommendations please for swimwear for my daughter in law. After having a C section and a hysterectomy last year she is quite conscious of her tummy after surgery. She described it to me as looking like a bottom crack ( excuse the description) on her tummy. She is anxious to start swimming in order to have something for herself. She isn’t the most confident person anyway but said she was conscious of her tummy in a swimming costume. Can anyone recommend anywhere? I’ve looked online but not a lot came up mainly Amazon. If possible I would prefer to shop on a high street to check out size, style etc but I’m open to online if need be. It is her birthday soon and as I fear they might cost a bit more than she would probably pay I was thinking of getting a couple as her present.

Grannmarie Fri 14-Jan-22 12:18:21

Grandmadinosaur, I'm sorry I can't recommend a swim suit, but I just wanted to say what a lovely, thoughtful Minlaw you are! Wishing you both

Grandmadinosaur Fri 14-Jan-22 13:01:18

Aw thank you Granmarie I try my best especially as her own mum lives a distance away and know what it’s like not having family close by.

Calendargirl Fri 14-Jan-22 13:06:34

Sports Direct is where I buy my swimsuits. Online or in shops. They stock different makes, I tend to buy Slazenger. Prices range from cheap and cheerful to more expensive.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 14-Jan-22 13:35:00

Have a look at Bravissimo, they have an extensive range of supportive swimwear in many shapes and sizes.

annodomini Fri 14-Jan-22 13:59:53

M&S do a 'tummy-control swimsuit. I have two of those which I found quite hard to get into but looked OK when in action.

Farmor15 Fri 14-Jan-22 14:01:56

M&S and Next do 'tummy control' swimwear. Debenhams used to do, but sadly gone! I'd look at fashion shops rather than sports shops, though make sure the design and fabric are suited to regular swimming, not just for sunbathing!

Farmor15 Fri 14-Jan-22 14:02:42

Crossed posts with annodomini!

VioletSky Fri 14-Jan-22 14:12:26

I came to say what farmor said, lots of "tummy control" ones available

Although it is important to note that we all have a bikini body if we put a bikini on our body and I hope she regains some confidence in her body and the amazing things it has acheived and recovered from

Grandmadinosaur Fri 14-Jan-22 15:44:29

Thank you everyone. M&S and Bravissimo were ones I had in mind but hadn’t thought of Next.

You are so right VioletSky I hope so too.

Sparklefizz Fri 14-Jan-22 15:52:41

What a great post VioletSky
Although it is important to note that we all have a bikini body if we put a bikini on our body and I hope she regains some confidence in her body and the amazing things it has acheived and recovered from

silverlining48 Fri 14-Jan-22 17:27:05

The tummy control styles are nice until you try to get into them/ out of them./ need the loo.
I have just given 2 nearly new, very nice swimsuits, to my favourite charity shop. It may be my largish rear but found them entirely impractical.

mokryna Fri 14-Jan-22 17:31:18

I bought a M&S swimsuit to hide my tummy. Very good price and with its tummy control I felt good.

62Granny Fri 14-Jan-22 17:43:59

I have a "saggy" tummy and have always found the Ambrose Wilson very good they do a range of different styles with tummy control I really like the two piece with the blouson tops and plain bottoms with a tummy control also the legs are not too high cut so you don't feel as if you are slipping out of the sides. I also bought a one piece swimsuit with ruched front and a control panel in the front which was very forgiving .

annodomini Fri 14-Jan-22 18:47:11

Afterthought: Landsend on-line has several 'tummy control' suits, some of which can be pricey but it always pays to look out for their sales.

Sago Fri 14-Jan-22 18:57:38

Google “ruched tummy” swimming costume.
There are some really lovely ones, I recently got one from TKMaxx £125 down to £14.99, it’s very flattering.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 14-Jan-22 20:54:36

Thank you for the replies.
. Sago I did as suggested and came across a website called Seafancy. I liked several on there. I might even buy one for myself to hide my lockdown excesses 😕

Samsaytel Wed 16-Feb-22 11:12:59

Hi. I have an all in one swimsuit that looks like a bikini. The mesh covers scars etc.. Website is
I take my grandsons to the local swimming baths and always feel confident in it.

JillyJosie2 Wed 16-Feb-22 14:34:49

Have you thought of a one piece swimsuit? Not the best link in the world but you can see the point

Triathlon swimsuits are also quite cover up but comfortable, you have to avoid the ones with padded bottoms for the cycling bit of the race!

MiniMoon Wed 16-Feb-22 15:54:41

Take a look at swimwear 365. I bought a swimdress from them. They have women's, men's and children's. Plenty of choice and not expensive.

Blossoming Wed 16-Feb-22 16:17:51

I have an M&S one piece with a ruched front, it hides a multitude of sins.

NotSpaghetti Wed 16-Feb-22 18:11:26

Ample Bosom really know their stock and take phone calls for advice.
Not only for those of us with ample bosoms!