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FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 13:06:42

Hello smile
I’ve just discovered this.
It’s amazing stuff, a real find.
It really does give thin, flat hair a boost.
I bought it because the reviews were so good.
I’ve bought loads of dry shampoos before, some of them quite expensive, but this is in a different league.
And it’s £1.75!

Anyone else got any favourite buys?
And can anyone recommend a decent eye cream please?

Thank you!

AskAlice Sun 05-Mar-23 14:14:42

I've got one too! I was looking for a high protection moisturiser that didn't feel like gunk on my skin. All those I've tried in the past have felt either heavy, sticky or like wearing a skin coloured face mask. Despite several recommendations from kind Gransnetters, I still couldn't find one. Then a friendly shop assistant in Boots recommended this(sorry for the long link):

Three drops after my normal moisturiser, and although it's a serum it doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It's brilliant!

Sorry FC, I'm still searching for a really good eye cream so can't help you there.

FannyCornforth Sun 05-Mar-23 14:16:35

Ooh, Alice, that does look good.
Thank you
Does it really give a glow? I’m always after a bit of radiance

Sago Sun 05-Mar-23 14:16:42

Reusable Bamboo kitchen towels.
£6.99 for a roll of 20.
These washable sheets on a roll are great for travel face cloths, very soft to remove make up.
I’ve currently got a stinking cold, they make great hankies.
Around the home they’re brilliant.
They will wash up to 80 times and get softer with every wash.

HeavenLeigh Sun 05-Mar-23 16:26:10

Ooh that looks good

shysal Sun 05-Mar-23 19:16:05

Thanks for the link AskAlice, I have ordered some on Ebay.

V3ra Mon 06-Mar-23 00:35:29

This is the eye cream I like at the moment Fanny, Alice:

JackyB Mon 06-Mar-23 08:05:32

I usually go for L'Oréal face creams, am not too fussy really. I did recently read though that Lancôme products were identical to L'Oreal but with €20 added on to the price.

Favourite product? Any good quality pair of tweezers. I have found that they go blunt after a while, so have taken to replacing them regularly. Am still on the lookout for the best make.

HeavenLeigh Mon 06-Mar-23 08:12:19

I’ve always used twezerman tweezers but saying that I now get mine done at salon

AskAlice Mon 06-Mar-23 09:12:01

It doesn't give a shiny or metallic glow as such, but does seem to perk up my skin!

AskAlice Mon 06-Mar-23 09:16:40

Oh, and I rub my palms together lightly to spread the serum evenly before pressing my hands to my face and then massaging in.

AskAlice Mon 06-Mar-23 09:17:18

V3ra thanks for the recommendation - I'll give it a go!

seadragon Wed 08-Mar-23 11:40:05

I was devoted to an oddly named hair oil: VO5 'Nourish my Shine'. I have very fine, dry but thick long hair and this oil made my hair look fabulous and smelled wonderful. The bottle came with a dropper as a stopper so that I could easily measure out the amount I needed. However a few years ago it was suddenly withdrawn from production and without protest. I have remained bereft as all the alternatives seem to be full of unnecessary chemicals, have little if any fragrance and no stopper means that more is poured out than is necessary. They also cost a great deal more. In a forlorn hope that VO5 may have produced a replacement I Googled 'Nourish my Shine' and found 2 bottles on sale for £26!.... The Elvive version I had been using largely because it came in a (small) glass bottle, rather than plastic, has gone up to £14 If anyone knows where I can buy pure Argan Oil, I might be interested, but the options I see on sale are again full of strange sounding chemicals.....and, while I'm on the subject, I am always depressed on entering a chemist to find myself surrounded by so many plastic throwaway containers and other products containing myriad chemicals, mostly targeting women....

Helz Wed 08-Mar-23 11:45:02

Am now a member of beauty pie £57 a year I think……some really good products(not for everyone I know)

Yammy Wed 08-Mar-23 11:55:00


Am now a member of beauty pie £57 a year I think……some really good products(not for everyone I know)

My DD is a member of this and buys me things to try.
Their pencil eyeliner is very soft and good also their mascara which is made in Korea and I reckon is probably Kanebo. All are not expensive.
The one expensive thing I have used for the last three years Is a Dior Nailpolish which is a very transparent pink and just makes your nails look finished, it does last a long time.

AngieP Wed 08-Mar-23 12:18:05

FannyCornforth, I really like this eye cream

fuseta Wed 08-Mar-23 13:04:32

A company called The Ayurveda Experience. All their products are brilliant. The Black Gram body booster is wonderful and you get a free facial serum when ordering it. Makes the skin glow.

Nanna58 Wed 08-Mar-23 13:08:32

Am also an ardent Beautypie fan, my daughter is a member. I love the Super Retinol eye cream it really has smoothed out the pesky crows feet!

MillieBoris Wed 08-Mar-23 13:15:27

Medik intelligent retinol for night use- comes in different strengths. Highly recommended by beauty industry.

Nanna58 Wed 08-Mar-23 13:17:32

Whichever brand you buy I think Retinol is a must for an eye cream to do anymore than just hydrate

Jube2 Wed 08-Mar-23 13:41:49

My great find was an Aldi’s skin product
A Lacura CC Cream all skin tone , sadly this is now unavailable so I’m in limbo as to which CC Cream is similar
Any members that can advice
Many thanks

Soozikinzi Wed 08-Mar-23 13:45:30

Loreal 8 second wonder water gives a lovely smooth shine and NYX fill and fluff eyebrow pencil loads of good colours but they do a proper auburn ..Also my heated brush with retractable bristles .

jomo Wed 08-Mar-23 14:42:36

any good hand cream ideas . hands very dry and sore .

Milliedog Wed 08-Mar-23 15:14:39

Dry and sore hands? Vaseline at night - only a thin layer. And a little during the day as well.

Cagsy Wed 08-Mar-23 15:39:42

For hand cream I'd suggest Nursem, developed by a nurse for their sore hands from so much hand washing and I think they donate some to nurses.
I've seen Ayurveda advertised on FB and have wondered how effective it really is so thanks fuseta.