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Swimsuits for my ageing body!

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Flaxseed Fri 26-May-23 12:01:31

I know it’s a big ask, but can anyone recommend any decent swimsuits to support a large bust and disguise a saggy belly please? hmm

I have seen a few online but prefer recommendations rather than relying on ‘influencers’ with affiliated links.

Thank you in advance

Forlornhope Mon 29-May-23 14:15:21

Above is a plethora of wonderful suggestions, advice and links so all I’ll say is, climb into whatever comfortable swimming type garment you want, splash in and get on with it! There is nothing like a good swim to make you feel better about yourself whatever ravages time has wreaked.

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 16:04:57

I don't think Gottex accommodate larger cup sizes knspol

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 16:08:00

Miraclesuit only comes in dress-sizes I think.
I know I looked at these a few years ago and the cups were too small for me.

Kathmaggie Mon 29-May-23 16:28:01

Im a fantasie and panache fan. Individual cup sizes and some tummy control. Love the adjustable legs too.

Northernlass Mon 29-May-23 17:44:49

I swim everyday, usually 50 lengths, and find this flattering, comfy and supportive for my large boobs! The

Perhaps you could wear shapewear pants underneath a costume?

Meta Mon 29-May-23 18:12:20
I always liked zoggs swimsuit there are other colours on Amazon

annemac101 Mon 29-May-23 21:59:56

I've just bought swim shorts from next and a loose fitting tankini top from cotton traders. Hides a multitude.

Harris27 Mon 29-May-23 22:10:02

Try jd Williams or bonmarche I’ve got both.

labradorlinda33 Mon 29-May-23 22:11:19

I have a lovely fitting swimsuit with a fitted ,, skirt from Tu..(Sainsbury's). I will be trying it out soon on my holiday.
I have also bought some knee length shorts ( my thighs are covered with thread veins) to wear with swim shorts.

V3ra Mon 29-May-23 23:21:05


CharmLeaks Women's One Pieces Boyleg Sports Swimming Costumes Swimwear
I know the model in this photo does not look large breasted but I have had 2 in different colours for Aquafit in size 16-18 and I love the boy short fit and feel almost like a professional athlete??

I can recommend the CharmLeaks products as well.
I have their rashguard long shorts, just below the knee, the t-shirt style tops and the long-sleeve zip tops.
They're in nice colours and patterns and look quite sporty, I don't feel silly in them.
I need to keep the sun off my skin and these are more effective than suncream alone.
They worked well for me in Greece last August and I wear them to the pool here.

Mizuna Tue 30-May-23 06:21:33

How about this from J D Williams?

Tamayra Thu 01-Jun-23 04:20:21

These are amazing swimsuits Perfect for older bodies
And sarongs to match
I live mine
They post internationally & you can get good sizing with their chart.

NotSpaghetti Thu 01-Jun-23 07:02:30

Tamayra they do seem to be very nice but show a lot of cleavage on bigger busts (from the online photos).

I wonder if they are really designed for poolside?

FindingNemo15 Thu 01-Jun-23 08:11:14

Does anyone know if you are permitted to wear a t-shirt over your costume at the swimming pool? Might hide a few bits!

Humbertbear Thu 01-Jun-23 08:44:11

I bought Tankini from Curvissa. The tops are blouson so hide everything.

Hetty58 Thu 01-Jun-23 08:47:11

FindingNemo15, I wear a rash vest or swim shirt over a 'boy leg' athletic suit. I can't swim in chlorine, anyway - still, I don't see why you shouldn't.

FishandChips15 Thu 01-Jun-23 09:28:44

Hetty thanks for info. Will look into suggestions.