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Swimsuits for my ageing body!

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Flaxseed Fri 26-May-23 12:01:31

I know it’s a big ask, but can anyone recommend any decent swimsuits to support a large bust and disguise a saggy belly please? hmm

I have seen a few online but prefer recommendations rather than relying on ‘influencers’ with affiliated links.

Thank you in advance

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 12:13:34

Somewhere on this forum, dont think in Style and Beauty, there have been a couple of other threads a bit similar lately.

In one, the op decided on a tankini.
Cant remember what the other lady decided.

I may have a shape a bit like yours.
I bought a couple of, not sure how to describe them. I think some on here call them costumes with flappy bits? I will see if I can find a picture.

silverlining48 Fri 26-May-23 12:15:19

Its a big ask,especially the saggy belly bit. Frankly those special costumes supposed to hold you in are so tight its well nigh impossible to get them on and off to use the toilet etc. I recently gave 3 hardly used costumes to the charity shop.
They were my size but just not comfortable. I am now using an old one I was going to give away, which has stretched, but simple to put on/take off.
If I were you I woukd get a tankini ( easy to use the toilet) and not worry about how you think you look. I am not a pretty sight but dont let that worry me. Dont let it worry you either.

fancythat Fri 26-May-23 12:19:51

I have one called this. It is my 2nd one. The first one was made by a different company I think and fitted slightly better than this one, but this one is ok enough for me.

OAMENXI Swimming Costume for Women Plus Size Ladies Swimsuit One Piece Swim Dress Tummy Control Swimwear with Boyshort

Susynan Fri 26-May-23 12:21:05

There’s a similar thread under Health

Taffy1234 Fri 26-May-23 12:22:28

Same body shape, I have had success with Bonmarche and Boden . Their tankinis fit beautifully and last for years.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-May-23 12:27:50

I now buy all my swimwear from Bravissimo, they do cup sizes and you can choose from so many pretty styles.

Norah Fri 26-May-23 12:46:59

A tankini would likely please you, each piece doing it's own 'work'.

Daisymae Fri 26-May-23 13:17:35

Have a look at Landsend. They make a whole range of swimwear that will suit most people, including some with control panels or even swim dresses.

Flaxseed Fri 26-May-23 13:21:11

fancythat I did have a very quick look through here as I thought there would be other similar threads. susynan mentioned the Health board so I will have a look. Thanks. I’ll look the one you recommend up.
silverlining48 and Taffy1234 I have had tankinis before but my ‘pouch’ ends up hanging over the bottoms. Maybe I need to look for some with a higher brief.
Taffy1234 and grannygravy13
I find Boden hugely expensive but maybe I will have to pay out for the perfect fit. I love my Bravissimo bras so will look there. Didn’t think of Bon Marche. Thanks

Susynan Fri 26-May-23 13:46:18

Allsorts Fri 26-May-23 13:47:47

This is where those bathing booths are invaluable😁

NotSpaghetti Fri 26-May-23 13:53:58

I am not a fan of swimdresses or tankinis. A swimsuit stays in place.

This style (with the cross-over detail at the bust) made by fantasie is good for a big bust. I have had five iterations of this now (one on its way today) and although I still prefer my first two (before they made the legs adjustable) the more recent ones are the best swimsuits I can find that are easy to get on, have a bit of tummy control and are patterned (disguising lumps and bumps.

Other patterns are available:

And on ebay there is the style with "old style" legs:

NotSpaghetti Fri 26-May-23 13:55:37

I have bought the "old style" from ebay.

I think a paler background is better if you are pale skinned. You don't look quite so white.

NotSpaghetti Fri 26-May-23 13:58:23

Ample Bosom have lots to choose from.
I think I may try an Anita Rosa Faia with a front zip next time.

BigBertha1 Fri 26-May-23 15:24:11

I recently bought one of the tummy control ones from M & S in a beautiful blue and a slip dress to put on over - for the walk to the pool bar! They were about £38 each I think.

silverlining48 Sun 28-May-23 15:28:52

Flaxseed my I usually buy separate black bottoms to go with my tankinis as the pants included in the set are usually far too skimpy. Hence no overhang.

silverlining48 Sun 28-May-23 15:31:25

My experience is that tummy control swim suits is they are too tight to pull back on when wet. Struggling in a small loo is a nightmare.

Betty18 Mon 29-May-23 11:18:10

Invest in some gorgeous floaty beach coverups and sarongs . That means glamour all the way and a feeling of belly security.

NannaFirework Mon 29-May-23 11:39:45

Tkmaxx have some very expensive suits at good prices, look on line too as with tkmaxx you never know what you might find…

knspol Mon 29-May-23 13:03:14

Gottex swimsuits are fantastic for giving shape were it should be and firmly holding in the tum. Expensive though so I've only bought when seen in a sale. It's my dreadfully flabby inner thighs which worry me and no way to disguise them. Think my days of swimwear might well be over now because of them.

GardenofEngland Mon 29-May-23 13:06:54

I love miraclesuit swimwear. Expensive but last and stay good for years.

4allweknow Mon 29-May-23 13:46:48

A lot will depend on just how large a bust and belly needs to be accommodated. I am not a swimsuit person at all but this year going to a resort with family and a swimsuit needed. I do have a bit of a belly and found the ruched swimsuits at Bonmarche a really good fit and offers a bit of camouflage. Didn't want to spend a fortune on something just for a holiday and probably rarely worn again.

sunfield91 Mon 29-May-23 13:57:40

Have you tried M and S, some lovely tummy control swimsuits ,also have a look at the “printed scoop neck swimsuits “,very reasonable price,no “bra” inside but very easy to get on and off, I bought 2,they fit really well,and I am a 42 bust
Hope you get sorted

Gransey Mon 29-May-23 14:03:01

CharmLeaks Women's One Pieces Boyleg Sports Swimming Costumes Swimwear
I know the model in this photo does not look large breasted but I have had 2 in different colours for Aquafit in size 16-18 and I love the boy short fit and feel almost like a professional athlete??