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How many beige clothes do you have?

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shysal Wed 08-Jul-20 07:36:36

Having just purchased a bright tomato red Joules top (reduced), I wondered whether at 74 I should tone down my colourful clothing. I am still more or less dark haired and tan easily so always go for colour.
How many beige items of clothing do you have (I have none) and how many red?

annep1 Wed 08-Jul-20 07:48:48

Beige summer trousers. I have a variety of tops navy white black multi coloured. No red but bright orange. I think colours are much more cheerful. Why should you tone down at 74? Wear whatever colours you like.

kittylester Wed 08-Jul-20 07:49:09

None of either sal but I salute anyone who wears colours at whatever age.

Pinks and purples are my colours but I've just bought a couple of Seasalt tops (2 for £40 - it would be rude not to!) with some yellow in.

I blame lockdown!

Riverwalk Wed 08-Jul-20 07:50:42

Oh, don't even consider fading away in a sea of beige!

I have cream, taupe, stone, chinos & linen trousers and one or two tops - beige is a forbidden word grin

I prefer colours and have a few red tops - just bought a tomato red linen shirt from the Monsoon sale.

Nortsat Wed 08-Jul-20 07:54:51

I have one beige jacket and one red jacket.
Thinking about it I have pattered tops, blouses and jackets with red and/or beige in them ... but very little of either colour.

I have lots of black clothes, I tend to coordinate the colours in my wardrobe around black ...

Nortsat Wed 08-Jul-20 07:56:16

Oh, I forgot I have a beige trench coat, which is hanging on the back of the bedroom door, looking at me ...

Lucca Wed 08-Jul-20 07:59:35

Do you actually mean beige or are you including cream, stone light grey ?
I don’t suit red near my face but have a liking for red shoes. I have lots of bright blue and pink clothes and too many navy and white stripes
I’ve gone off black, I think it emphasises my wrinkles.....

DanniRae Wed 08-Jul-20 08:00:46

I have no beige clothes and, hopefully, never will have smile

OceanMama Wed 08-Jul-20 08:01:10

None. The colour doesn't suit me.

Illte Wed 08-Jul-20 08:02:56

I think black is worse than beige (marginally) and people wear oodles of it. Both of them really drain the face and it doesn't make you look slimmer to be a big solid block of black!

Sometimes, particularly in winter it's hard to buy anything in colour. You walk into a shop - or used to🙁- and its just a mass of grey, beige and black.

Aldom Wed 08-Jul-20 08:06:45

I'm a pink, purple, lilac, raspberry, navy blue person. Some black trousers, also white trousers. Blue jeans. No beige at all, but think it can look stylish termed with other colours. I don't wear red myself but like red on others.

Kalu Wed 08-Jul-20 08:06:54

Wear whatever colour suits you Shysal. I would love to wear red but it doesn’t suit my colouring at all, similarly, black which just drains me

I have a collection of taupe, stone, mustard, tan and magenta jeggings which I wear with various tops/shirts and chunky acrylic necklaces. My Mother always referred to beige as fawn.

Aldom Wed 08-Jul-20 08:08:18

For termed please read teemed 🙄

Dollymc2 Wed 08-Jul-20 08:09:14

I don't have any beige or red clothes at all, I don't suite either colour. I don't have any purple, orange or green either
My wardrobe seems to consist of navy, cream, pink, powder blue and white

seacliff Wed 08-Jul-20 08:13:04

Agreed Illlte. Black has always drained me, so I wear black trousers, but never near my face. Likewise beige. They do nothing for me.

I have had (rare) compliments when I wear a bright jewel colour, or shades of gold/mustard and soft or bright greens or turquoise. I don't really go for bright red or maroon. I wear white tops in summer, but not beige. My hair is still dyed mid brown with gold glints.

eazybee Wed 08-Jul-20 08:13:35

I used to love cream, stone, beige and taupe and wear those colours frequently when I had brown hair, but now I am grey it doesn't suit me. I appear to have gone into mourning as my (winter ) wardrobe is predominantly black, navy blue and grey. How did that happen? I don't possess a single red garment, only red ballerina flatties and a pair of 'lipstick red' sandals from Moshulu's sale.

Puzzler61 Wed 08-Jul-20 08:14:22

Shysal I think you should embrace the colours, choose the ones that people say suit you and that you feel good in.
I have bought a tomato coloured top about 6 weeks ago - not from Joules - and I love the vibrancy of the colour.
I keep it low key on the bottom half - usually white or navy in summertime.
I have just one beige waterfall cardigan which is a favourite, but a long time ago I vowed to steer clear of buying/wearing grey clothes as the colour close to my neck and face drain my skin (I’m pale).

Pantglas2 Wed 08-Jul-20 08:20:00

I can’t do beige (or it’s sisters - fawn, caramel or light tan) near my face since I stopped colouring my dark hair 20 years ago - I’m now silvery/gunmetal and just look washed out with bland colours.

I Also love wearing colours, cool, blue toned rather than the warm, autumnal ones, and prefer navy to black as a base as it’s less harsh on my wrinkles laughter lines.

grannysyb Wed 08-Jul-20 08:22:08

Never worn beige, can't bear it!

Bathsheba Wed 08-Jul-20 08:57:37

There is so much snobbery about beige clothing, with people rushing to join in and say they never wear it. If beige suits your colouring then wear it. What's the problem? In my wardrobe there is some cream, caramel, stone, camel and natural tones - probably all lumped together by some as the dreaded and 'must-be-avoided-at-all-costs' beige. But there is also a riot of colour - red, pink, purple, orange, emerald green, mustard, bright yellow, cornflower blue. With my paler skin and light hair I avoid wearing the 'beige' tones near my face, unless they're lifted by a bright, colourful scarf.

There is nothing wrong with beige. It got its bad name from some older people wearing all beige - trousers, top, coat, shoes and bag. Yes, that's hideous. But as just part of a predominantly colourful outfit, it's absolutely fine.

travelsafar Wed 08-Jul-20 08:58:04

Can't wear beige, it makes me look washed out, olive/sage green as well. I tend to veer towards pinks, reds, purple tones as they are bright and warming too. I can't wear certain shades of blue either, they have to be the 'warm' blues. smile

Grannybags Wed 08-Jul-20 09:04:16

Swore I'd never wear beige after I had passed the Community Centre just as a coffee morning type thing was ending.

Everyone coming out was dressed in head to foot beige with grey hair!

I think it looks ok when worn with contrasting bright colours though and have to admit to owning a pair of beige-ish chinos.

Illte Wed 08-Jul-20 09:07:33

It was Colour Me Beautiful that changed my life many years ago.

I always liked bright colours but somehow had wardrobes full of clothes that didn't go together and were never quite right.

Once I could see that it was tones not colours that mattered everything fell into place. I don't have many clothes now but everything works together.

It was a road to Damascus experience😁🎉

TerriBull Wed 08-Jul-20 09:08:19

100% beige is rarely good, but being a neutral colour, it can be matched up with dominant black for example, it really depends on skin tone. Lighter colours always look better on olive and darker skins imo, very pale complexions could possibly look washed out with beige in fact any neutral colour. There is an old person look, more yesteryear now, pale clothes, floral meh sort of wishy washy paraphernalia, ubiquitous, pleated skirts that women once wore when they got into their later years, it's still out there, although not as common these days thankfully!

dogsmother Wed 08-Jul-20 09:12:22

All depends on your colouring doesn’t it?
I have a friend with easy going style ( she’s French) who told
me never wear’s for peasants and widows!