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Mazgg Fri 31-Mar-23 16:58:33

I am looking for jeans or chinos that I can wear for semi smart going out. Many will say that at my age (81) I shouldn't wear jeans but the right cut can look stylish. The trouble is I don't like skinny trousers that cling to my legs and as I am vertically challenged (5ft nothing) I look ridiculous in anything that flaps around my ankles. I do love a boot cut but always have to shorten them so lose the line.
I wear size 10 or 12 depending on the make. Any suggestions gratefully received.

foxie48 Fri 31-Mar-23 17:45:22

I think straight cut jeans worn with a boot with a cuban heel or trainers with a really thick sole can look really smart and will add a bit of height too. It's the fit round the waist and bottom which is really important so you may need to try several makes to find what suits you. I'm 5'4" and have got some wide legged trousers with a high waist, I wear them with a neat top tucked in and a really wide belt or with a boxy top. I think its all getting the proportions right so I'm not drowning in fabric. I haven't ditched my skinnies completely but have to admit they feel a bit old fashioned now and my bottom gets smaller as I age!

M0nica Fri 31-Mar-23 19:07:17

This thread was posted on only about 3 days ago. It might make sense to read through what was said then rather than start a new thread on the same topic.

Musicgirl Fri 31-Mar-23 19:20:58

My daughter, in her twenties has just bought some very nice blue chinos from M and S in a short length, size 8. They are a design that would look great on anyone of any age who has the figure for them.

MerylStreep Fri 31-Mar-23 19:38:58

If you have a TK Max near you, have a look.
I got some original Ralf Lauren chinos for £20.
I never wear jeans unless with a blazer and white shirt and loafers.

Mazgg Fri 31-Mar-23 21:15:00

Sorry!!! I hadn't seen that another thread had started recently in a different forum. I did check Style and Beauty but didn't think to check Ask a Gran.

Norah Fri 31-Mar-23 21:32:50


Sorry!!! I hadn't seen that another thread had started recently in a different forum. I did check Style and Beauty but didn't think to check Ask a Gran.

No need to be sorry. Nobody cares if there are 2 threads.

I wear Levi's boot cut in black, navy, white, and a blue. I also like Favourite's high waist slim cut (various blue colours) in a cropped length. Typically with tuck-in shirt, blazer, flat shoes.

Levi's boot cut and Favourite's are quite nice to slim legs, small waist.

halfpint1 Fri 31-Mar-23 21:37:33

Another Levi's fan here, they fit everywhere and are a delight to wear.
I prefer the high waist, straight leg.

Deedaa Fri 31-Mar-23 21:44:29

I've found that Sainsbury's jeans fit me as well as any. I'm 76 but I have an 82 year old friend who always looks very smart in her jeans.

ruthiek Mon 01-May-23 10:11:47

I am 70 ,round and at 5ft 2 have to be careful what I wear , but my problem is after a hard winter where I have been in jeans most days I am starting to feel “scruffy” any suggestions for smart casual wear that won’t cost the earth ?

Foxygloves Mon 01-May-23 10:14:57


This thread was posted on only about 3 days ago. It might make sense to read through what was said then rather than start a new thread on the same topic.


Go ahead OP, threads on jeans, M&S, Harry and Meghan come around regularly.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 01-May-23 10:19:42

Jeans are my wardrobe staple.

For everyday wear it’s M&S in light indigo, dark indigo, grey or black.

For smart casual Hobbs or NYDJ very dark indigo or white.

(I am 5’2” size 10/12)

Visgir1 Mon 01-May-23 11:10:25

Agree pop into M&S pick a selection of styles, see what you feel happy with. They ofter have ranges of colours. Also cropped cigarette style would look good if you are petite .
Also look at cropped jeans might be the perfect length for you, no shortening.
JL would also help you find the right fit and style.
Make a trip of it.. Good luck

AreWeThereYet Mon 01-May-23 12:56:29

M&S have a huge selection of styles and different fits in jeans, chinos and trousers. Go down to the biggest store you know of, wear the least clothes you can and spend a couple of hours trying on different styles, colours and sizes. Even if you don't buy them you will have a good idea of what style/length/size you are happy with. I'll be doing the same thing this week 😁

Redrobin51 Mon 01-May-23 16:30:36

I have two pairs of very smart chinos from M & S, one black and one navy. They are straight legged with a tiny split at the bottom. They go with everything and I feel great in them.

Missiseff Tue 02-May-23 12:49:29

M&S have some lovely cotton chinos at the moment, different colours, and do them in short length

Tenko Tue 02-May-23 13:09:03

M & S and Next have a good selection of jeans and in a short length and reasonably priced. If you’re no keen on skinnies , try a slim leg or straight cut .
I’m 5ft 2 and often buy ankle length or cropped and don’t have to hem them . I do like a turn up tho and also like the frayed hem look . Great for short arses like me .

SJV07 Tue 02-May-23 13:13:06

Try Lands End. Good stuff and service.

seadragon Tue 02-May-23 13:46:52

All shapes and sizes catered for by Lucy & Yak . At 73 I love the corduroy trouser suit my husband bought me for our Golden Wedding that I treated myself to the rust version as well. Here is a link to three pages of options, not all in denim:

Bazza Tue 02-May-23 14:04:40

I’m a great fan of Uniqlo trousers, but the downside is they only offer one length, fine for me as I’m quite tall. M and S take some beating and seem to have finally got their act together after a long time of being absolute rubbish.

Aldom Tue 02-May-23 14:11:02

Marks and Spencer Lily jeans in slim fit are good.

montymops Tue 02-May-23 14:42:17

I find Robell trousers and jeans are very comfortable- having some stretch- also they fit well and my daughter tells me they look good - I’m nearly 80 by the way.

Gundy Tue 02-May-23 14:52:54

Going by your statistics- age, height, size - look at black ANKLE length pants that are SLIM but not hugging like leggings, or floppy like straight or wide cut trousers.

They are smart and slimming and black goes sporty or dressy. Make sure you shop PETITES to avoid alterations.

I love jeans too and wear them all the time. But not for dress, only sporty. You need to get both!
Looking Classy!
USA Gundy

Greciangirl Tue 02-May-23 15:32:37

I noticed F&F at Tesco has some very nice chinos, linen trousers, jeans etc.
also M&S always has a good selection.

WendyLC Tue 02-May-23 15:39:28

Maybe look at M & S also Seasalt and both do petite sizing.