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Empty boxes!

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shysal Mon 11-Jun-12 10:34:32

Why are my 'watching', 'unanswered', 'last hour' and 'last day' boxes empty? I can only access the threads via 'active'. Hope it is you and not me! sad

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 10:37:56

Yes, mine are empty too shysal. I think GNHQ Tech must be having another tinker....

jeni Mon 11-Jun-12 10:54:05

I'm having the same problem!

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Jun-12 11:08:23

Uh oh... looks like the gremlins are at it again.

We'll alert Tech and do our best to sort this out asap.

Thanks for letting us know!

Annika Mon 11-Jun-12 11:23:25

Me too !

Daisyanswerdo Mon 11-Jun-12 11:52:37

I scrolled down and found 'last hour' after a huge gap.

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 11:56:17

Oh yes! That works with all of them.

glammanana Mon 11-Jun-12 12:47:11

Hi girls same happening here,can only access after scrolling down past huge gaps.I can access only via "Active" maybe we have been attacked by space invaders ??

glammanana Mon 11-Jun-12 13:16:33

Thanks HQ all back to normal now.brew[cupcake

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Jun-12 13:26:42

Should be all sorted - glad things are right for you now, glamma.

Jacey Mon 11-Jun-12 14:40:22

Oh that why the posts now go across the whole screen?? sunshine

Bags Mon 11-Jun-12 14:46:26

Some of the active threads are not showing up in the active list confused

Bags Mon 11-Jun-12 14:47:41

Threads with posts made between 1426 and 1446 are not in the list. Where have they gone?

greenmossgiel Mon 11-Jun-12 14:48:14

I was wondering that as well,Jacey confused I'm a bit jittery about things that might go 'wrong', because Virgin have given me a Superhub for my broadband, and this was supposed to make it even faster hmm. However, if anything, it's taking longer to load than before (it was ok before, really!) and my emails are all over the place confused!

JosieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 11-Jun-12 14:55:07

The posts across the whole screen was an addition we made at the end of last week. The idea was that you have to scroll less, as the text doesn't spill into so many lines. It certainly shouldn't slow your page loading down at all greenmoss

We've just had a look on Active, Bags, and we can see (for example) your post on this thread, with several others that have posts between those times...

Do let us know if it's still happening, and we'll do our best to work out why!

greenmossgiel Mon 11-Jun-12 15:06:13

Thanks Josie - no, I think my computer's just getting used to it's new Superhub! Actually, I've no idea and will have to contact my computer Superhero 'G', who will put my mind at rest! I like the wider screen - much better, thanks! smile

jeni Mon 11-Jun-12 15:09:54

I see we have
Ost the [crown] but kept the flaggrin
When do we get a crescent moon? Pretty please?

Jacey Mon 11-Jun-12 15:10:44

Josie it happened to several threads yesterday ...if you clicked on them you were sent off to the forums pageconfused

Ella46 Mon 11-Jun-12 15:34:06

Oh jacey I thought that was me! grin
I don't like the wide screen very much as it changes depending on the thread.

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 15:35:40

I don't like it either. It's tooooo wide! grin

Ella46 Mon 11-Jun-12 15:36:55

Also the print is too small for me and I can't make it bigger without it going off at the edges! sad

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 15:38:45

Yes, that's a point, Ella - it does, doesn't it?

Ella46 Mon 11-Jun-12 15:46:42

TECHHHHH...... Please, pretty please, this print is too small for an old lady like Anagram!!! grin Only joking nag sunshine xxx
Anyway I'm much older than you grin

Anagram Mon 11-Jun-12 15:51:23

The print isn't too small for me, Ella - I was just being sympathetic to your plight and doing my bit for Help the Aged wink

Ella46 Mon 11-Jun-12 15:53:22

Oooooh that hurt!! haha. grin Sad but true. 66 this week!