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Twitter - please come out and play

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JessM Wed 18-Jul-12 08:45:03

Just joined Twitter. I am told this is one of the things ebook authors need to do these days, so long overdue.
Joined Gransnet there. Looked for other GNers. Found only a couple of you. Maybe you lurk under other names?
Can I invite you to join me in this other medium? @jess_madge
Come out and play!

susiecb Wed 18-Jul-12 08:50:57

I'm there and on Facebook aso struggling author!

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 09:17:30

I think my son put me on Twitter, but can't for the life of me remember my i.d. I must ask him. How clueless is that? I'm not normally cyberphobic!

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 09:21:22

Surprise, surprise, I have just found myself on Twitter. There are about a million tweets from Age UK. How did they find me?

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 09:24:48

Just followed you Jess. But I am clueless about Twitter I keep having a go and hoping it will all become clear eventuallyconfused

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 09:27:17

I tried to tweet you, Jess, but not sure it worked!

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 09:31:16

Think I've done it now.

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 18-Jul-12 09:37:44

I have followed you, jessM and Gransnet is following you as I type. (We can multitask here). We love twitter...

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 09:48:26

I am also following Gransnet - I think.

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 09:49:59

Annobel I have just followed you.

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 10:21:55

and I you, glass!

yogagran Wed 18-Jul-12 10:24:00

I've joined Twitter but still wondering what the purpose of it all is confused
It was very useful when I was having trouble with one of the electricity supply companies and I "tweeted" them with a complaint. Got a result in an hour compared with the previously ignored emails and phone calls!

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 10:26:52

yoga I am @glassortwo if you want to find me.

greenmossgiel Wed 18-Jul-12 10:46:18

Can anyone join? I see it on the Facebook pages, but haven't ever taken much notice. I always wondered what the point of it was, too.

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 11:24:29

Yes green just follow the link and join.

Notsogrand Wed 18-Jul-12 11:39:19

I love much news and gossip! Like you yoga, I've had fast results from tweeting complaints.
I'm @oldfluff if anyone wants to find me.

Annobel Wed 18-Jul-12 12:06:27

And I am @annpae.

janthea Wed 18-Jul-12 14:23:04

I'm on Twitter @Janthea46. I also follow Gransnet and Mumsnet on Twitter and Facebook. Love Twitter!

JessM Wed 18-Jul-12 14:26:46

Thanks, Any tips are great fully received as well.

janthea Wed 18-Jul-12 14:31:06

I'm now following JessM, glassortwo, and Annobel Twitter tells me it can't find Notsogrand ?? Yogagran and susiecb May I follow you?

yogagran Wed 18-Jul-12 14:36:31

OK, let's jump in and test the water! My user name is @lizzee46
Hope this works because I've just fiddled around with all my settings hmm

janthea Wed 18-Jul-12 14:41:31

I've now found Notsogrand but not finding yoga yet.

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 14:41:59

yoga I have found you but no button to follow?

glassortwo Wed 18-Jul-12 14:43:23

susie not sure if your playing or not grin if you are let us know your name.

greenmossgiel Wed 18-Jul-12 15:50:38

I don't think I've done it right. Replied to glass and yoga, but don't know what will happen now....confused