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Connections and the weather?

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Anne58 Mon 27-May-13 17:39:03

Evening all.

Now, this may well go down as the numptiest tech question of all, but has anyone else noticed some link between connection problems and the weather?

As you are probably aware, I'm not the most technically adept person, but I will try to explain. I use wifi with my company laptop. Every time we log in to our email, we are sent a code to our Blackberry. When joining the company I was asked to chose a PIN number, which I did. The code is sent as 1 row of numbers, 1234567890, with the corresponding code below, which might be 3768942105, so if your chose pin was 2867, then the code would be 7142.

I have a very poor signal here, and sometimes have to drive down to the village square just to get a signal, so it sort of goes like this:

Phoenix wants to log on to her email.
brings up the VPN (I always want to say VPL) which asks for 2 passwords, the first of which is the PIN.
I have not received the most recent code since last logging on, so I drive down to the village square.
I wait until my Blackberry goes "ping", then drive home.
I enter the code, and if I get it wrong, I cannot log on until I get a new code.
Repeat stages above until you A) Get the code right or B) Give up and have a large Sauvignon Blanc.

But I digress, sometimes by placing the Blackberry on my home office windowsill, it will actually get enough signal to go "ping" saving the drive down to the village square. (This is especially appreciated when I am working from home and still in my bathrobe). It very rarely has enough signal to actually ring, although this did happen the other day and I nearly messed myself.

BUT, I have noticed that the signal seems to be better if the weather is good! Indeed, even this evening just using the PC for Gransnet, I have had numerous messages about internet explorer not working (albeit intermittently) and it's peeing down.

So, after much rambling, is it my fevered imagination, or can the weather play a part?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for rambling.

annodomini Mon 27-May-13 18:37:25

Thanks for this insight into your exciting life, phoenix.wink I hadn't noticed this connection for myself, but when I was staying with a certain other gransnetter in France, I found that rain and wind played havoc with her digital TV.

j08 Mon 27-May-13 18:42:51


Thank the lord I just have to click on the Gmail button in my toolbar and it's all there, ready logged in. grin

I wouldn't think the weather could affect it. It's not like the telly signal. (Ours can go a bit funny when it rains)

Ella46 Mon 27-May-13 18:45:15

Try changing your browser to something better than IExplorer,(egFirefox) as I believe I Ex isn't very good.
I'm sure a more tech savvy person will be along soon grin

Hope the job is going well xx

JessM Mon 27-May-13 19:01:01

There is probably a good scientific explanation. DH will probably come up with one when he emerges from his study.
I asked him earlier why the swim in Southwold was such a disaster, with all those people needing rescuing and first aid.
"Hmm, water colder?" he said "Yes that was part of it but that would not account for the strong currents they complained of?" "Probably an unusual amount of fresh water entering sea from a river nearby?"... look on Google earth, yes, indeed, there is a river nearby...
Neither of us could account for the other maritime event - Skomer Island boat running onto rock. They do that trip back and fore, many times a day, many days a year. hmm

JessM Mon 27-May-13 19:50:16

OK - knew he would have something to say
If you have a poor signal all sorts of things can tip the balance such as changes in humidity of the air, or wind causing trees to move. So yes, weather can affect signal.
Also things like building materials in houses.
He also said - another supplier of mobiles might be better - there are websites where you can put in your postcode and it will tell you how the different companies perform.
(I am guessing the contract is via work though?)
If its any comfort my SIL has a useless signal and they live in a leafy part of the W Midlands - I have to find the right spot on the landing upstairs...

Anne58 Thu 30-May-13 21:40:37

Late response, sorry, have been away working.

anno yes, my life is a thrill a minute at the moment, so therefore felt the need to share it with all and sundry. Yawn.

JessM it can be hard, can't it, although the landing must be a tad better than sort of dangling out of the window!

Just want to thank all those who responded positively, and explain that the main problem is with the work mobile, I can usually get on to GN when I want to, so there!

Charleygirl Thu 30-May-13 21:47:25

Annodomini-You do not have to travel to France to get a poor digital reception on TV, London would be the place to come. The weird thing is that if I get "no signal" on ITV and similar, the reception is fine on BBC. This is 99% when it is raining and/or very dull outside.

I have wasted enough money to pay for tech men to come here and end up scratching their heads as I get a perfect reception at all times on all channels on the TV in my bedroom.