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Thinking of getting an iphone

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petallus Sun 05-Apr-15 12:27:54

I'm thinking of getting my first iphone.

Maybe a 5c or 5s. Not sure whether 8gbs will be enough or whether I should stretch to 16gb.

Has anyone got any recommendations?

janeainsworth Sun 05-Apr-15 13:02:34

I think it depends how much music, photos etc you intend to put on there.
Best seek advice from some knowledgeable young person in one of the many shops.
I think mine is 16gb.

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 13:17:26

I have an old Android phone with a 16gb external card for my music, it is nowhere near big enough, I have to keep deleting stuff. My new phone has 32mb, that is enough for me, about 2/3 full.

J52 Sun 05-Apr-15 13:37:01

I went to Car phone warehouse for my I phone. The salesperson had a tablet which he put in my requirements and the contract tarrif that I wanted to pay. It came up with a couple of choices, I got 4 G for no additional cost, on a deal.

It sorted everything out easily. x

petallus Sun 05-Apr-15 14:10:15

I have been doing a bit of research. I'll need at least 16gb because the operating system takes up a lot. Probably won't keep much music on it. Although all my family have iphones I feel awfully extravagant about having one myself.

I decided against an android because I want phone to be compatable with my ipad.

AshTree Sun 05-Apr-15 15:10:37

I have a 16gb one and to be honest it's not really enough - I can't keep any of my music on it, because it just fills it up, so I only have that on my iPad and iMac. I wanted a 32gb one but they'd been discontinued, so it was either a 16gb or 64gb and the latter was just out of my price range.

Ana Sun 05-Apr-15 15:28:45

Can I ask why you all have music on your phones? When do you listen to it, is it just when travelling for instance?

Pittcity Sun 05-Apr-15 15:51:33

Ana I have my music in "the cloud" (Amazon Music) to be accessed on whatever device I wish. I can then play it on my Bluetooth radio or anywhere I please. I have listened on holiday and played it at parties for example. No need for CDs etc.

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 15:57:40

This is where some Android phones have the advantage, you can fit an external memory card (which compared to Iphone/ipad memory is quite cheap.)

annodomini Sun 05-Apr-15 16:32:06

My Motorola Android phone doesn't take a memory card, but these are becoming less necessary with the increase in Cloud storage.

janeainsworth Sun 05-Apr-15 16:39:31

Ana we had a party & I put all my favourite tracks on my phone. Played it through our ancient amplifierand loudspeakers with a special lead,and I also have a docking station/radio in the kitchen & can listen to it there.
Same thing when we are on our boat, and of course listening through earphones when travelling.

Ana Sun 05-Apr-15 16:46:47

I am so behind the times! blush

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 16:52:31

I now play all my music via Blue Ray onto our audio system.

petallus Sun 05-Apr-15 18:11:35

We have a squeezebox and spotify.

Mamie Sun 05-Apr-15 18:31:09

I have an 8gb iphone 5c. I keep music and photos on the cloud and it is fine. The most important thing is that it is such a lovely bright green. grin

pompa Sun 05-Apr-15 18:32:10

Cloud is no use for me as I use it in the car.

GrannyTwice Sun 05-Apr-15 19:10:12

Another problem with only 8gb would be updates

petallus Sun 05-Apr-15 22:17:07

Mamie I was thinking of a 5c at first but wondered if it would be 'enough'. I was going for the blue!

Mamie Mon 06-Apr-15 04:55:32

My eldest DGD has the blue one!
Never had a problem with updates either. I don't have huge nubers of apps on it as I have most of those on my ipad. I just keep travel apps and Candy Crush on the phone.

petallus Mon 06-Apr-15 08:20:11

What do you use it for? Email and the internet?

I have an ipad and an ipod so probably would not use the iphone for music and lots of apps.

Mamie Mon 06-Apr-15 09:50:15

Yes exactly that. I use the camera (which is excellent) and upload to the icloud when on wifi. On the phone I have train travel apps, Marine Traffic, Flightradar 24, Facebook, Twitter,, weather, flashlight, Find my iphone, French and Spanish dictionaries and Candy Crush. Everything else is on my ipad.

Rider Mon 06-Apr-15 17:25:53

I have a Microsoft (Nokia) Lumia 535 Windows 8.1 phone and think it's great. Our entire music collection is stored on the micro SD card I got for it are many photos and a few games.

It syncs with the Desktop computer via OneDrive (cloud) and can also be plugged into a USB socket on the computer. It becomes just another drive shown in 'This PC' (previously called 'My Computer') that can be managed in the usual way for transferring files.

It only cost £80 and this was with a £20 pay-as-you-go SIM card from EE. The phone and system works really well.

petallus Mon 06-Apr-15 17:30:44

Most of my music is stored on iTunes. I wonder if your phone would be compatible with that so I could transfer music over.

GrannyTwice Mon 06-Apr-15 17:38:00

Mamie - how long have you had yours?

Mamie Mon 06-Apr-15 18:09:40

Over a year GT. No problems at all. grin