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NanKate Thu 19-Jul-18 07:53:01

I logged onto Facebook this morning and the whole format has changed to a less user friendly one. Has anyone who uses Facebook noticed this happening please ?

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 08:45:30

Yes, i can’t find my groups , hate it

Nandalot Thu 19-Jul-18 09:05:57

Yes, it’s horrible. Not clear.

Pittcity Thu 19-Jul-18 09:54:45

They change the format just get used to it and bam!

NanKate Thu 19-Jul-18 10:05:28

Well it is the first time in years my Facebook has changed and I can’t find anything I want easily 😔

Anniebach Thu 19-Jul-18 10:07:19

Can’t find my local groups, no idea what is going on in our town ,grrrrr

Teetime Thu 19-Jul-18 10:39:55

I haven't noticed any changes.

pollyperkins Thu 19-Jul-18 10:45:18

Thauve been asking me to update but so far have resisted. Why do thses 'improvements' always make everything more difficult?

NanKate Thu 19-Jul-18 20:35:43

Teetime just as you think you have got away with it you will find the whole Facebook is 'about face' as my mum would have said. Everything is split up into different areas and you have to select what you want and it doesn't look as it used to. I am properly peed off 😥

Glitterknitbaby Thu 19-Jul-18 20:42:53

It’s horrible I don’t like it at all. And not being very technical I find it even more difficult.

tessagee Fri 20-Jul-18 17:36:00

Agree with you all, I thought it was just me and I must admit I'm using FB less and less.

BlueBelle Fri 20-Jul-18 17:41:34

Well I be just been on mine and nothings changed it’s exactly the same as always !

Anniebach Fri 20-Jul-18 17:48:13

I don’t know what is for sale locally, if there are road works, not that I go out, can’t find my genealogy groups or my stitching groups. I haven’t clicked to update anything. The town could be evacuated and i wouldn’t know.

BlueBelle Fri 20-Jul-18 18:30:50

How strange mines just as normal

jusnoneed Fri 20-Jul-18 18:33:01

Mine's the same as always... at the moment anyway

NanKate Fri 20-Jul-18 19:52:25

I suspect they are changing all of them bit by bit. FB is unrecognisable from how it was, very disappointing wish I knew who to complain to.

NanKate Sat 21-Jul-18 21:39:18

For those of us who have been forced into this awful new Facebook, do you have a message asking you to Install Messenger ? And if so is it worth it please and what does it do ?

BlueBelle Sat 21-Jul-18 22:26:34

I ve always been on Messenger and use it daily. I ring my son and family every week on messenger you can make a video call, an ordinary speaking call, or just use it like a text of course the recipient has to be a fb user too and you can see when they are online by a little green button by their name and of course all for free using your WiFi

NanKate Sat 21-Jul-18 22:43:03

Thank you BlueBelle

Bathsheba Sat 21-Jul-18 22:46:45

It hasn't changed for me ..... yet. But hey, there've been several changes in the Facebook format over the years, some quite radical, and we all get used to it sooner or later wink. Still, perhaps I'd better reserve judgement until mine switches over to the new format!

tanith Sat 21-Jul-18 22:59:04

Mines still the same no changes I can see. I also use messenger to either speak to or message family, free calls and video calls to my son in Gibraltar and a friend in USA can’t be bad.

BlueBelle Sun 22-Jul-18 05:11:33

Can I just ask what changes have been made that are so radical ?

BlueBelle Sun 22-Jul-18 05:20:11

Anniebach I m not sure what you mean about your groups being lost but if you look st the very bottom of your Facebook do you see three little lines on the right hand side if you click on them all your groups will show up

I might be quite wrong but I think you people who have had recent changes are ‘ behind the times’ 😂 and I think a lot of us changed a good while back I just got a clue when nankate said about not understanding messenger, if so then we can all help you because honest it’s a much better layout once you are used to it

NfkDumpling Sun 22-Jul-18 06:10:24

My new phone asked if I wanted to join Messenger and I thought it was just because it was a new phone, but FB is different on the phone. Still the same on the iPad though.

I’m usually behind catching up with these changes, I expect mine will update in about a month. Thanks for the warning!

PamelaJ1 Sun 22-Jul-18 06:54:31

I use messenger a lot. So easy just to send a quick note to family and friends. I think it’s similar to WhatsApp.I hardly use Facebook because it frightens me. My sister put a recent family photo on that included me. Next thing I’ve got umpteen messages on my email informing me that lots of people , that I don’t know, loved the photo. Messenger is private, or at least as private as one can get these days!